Information Security Awareness Programs

WCU has various methods of offering Information Security and Privacy programs. Information Security can only be achieved with lots of layers (like an onion.) One of those layers is the concept we sometimes call the "Human Firewall." Many times this is the first layer that protects the confidentiality, integrity and availability of data and IT services. This means YOU. However, in order to make that achievable, WCU has provided a few services and educational opportunities to assist you.


This is an offering for all faculty and staff. It involves taking a 15 minute online webinar that teaches you the basics of information security and privacy. KnowBe4 is a Security Awareness platform that was originally started by famed hacker, Kevin Mitnick. WCU Employees can get to KnowBe4 by going to and login with your WCU credentials.


Information Services & Technology teams worked with the Office of Digital Learning and Innovation ( ODLI ) to put together a short security awareness class that students can take. The focus of the training currently is around Phishing Emails.

Cyber Security Awareness Month

Every October the world brings Cyber Security Awareness to the front of the line. All the way from the Federal Government, Private Organizations to WCU, #NCSAM is on everybody's mind. More information about this will be at 

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