PA Program Competencies:

Graduates of the West Chester University Physician Assistant Program will be able to competently:

  1.      Apply a core fund of medical knowledge, critical-thinking skills, and clinical skills needed to provide care to patients.
  2.      Accurately elicit a patient history and perform the appropriate physical examination.
  3.      Recommend and interpret diagnostic studies based on patient presentation.
  4.      Utilize clinical reasoning skills to diagnose and treat patients of all ages. 
  5.      Initiate treatment for acute and chronic medical and behavioral health conditions including patient education, medications, surgical interventions, counseling, rehabilitative therapies, or other therapeutic modalities.
  6.      Screen for risk factors or presence of common diseases and recommend appropriate health promotion and disease prevention measures.
  7.      Perform common diagnostic studies and clinical procedures.
  8.      Document patient encounters in the most appropriate format for the clinical setting.
  9.      Communicate with patients, families, other healthcare team members, and the public in a clear, empathetic, culturally-sensitive way.
  10.      Apply relevant medical literature to patient encounters to provide evidence-based care.
  11.      Work to the full scope of the PA role on the healthcare team while collaborating with other healthcare providers to provide effective patient care.
  12.      Incorporate patients’ values and goals into shared decision-making.
  13.      Behave ethically, professionally, and inclusively.
  14.      Assess, evaluate, and improve their patient-care practices.
  15.      Contribute to the advancement of the profession through leadership, advocacy, research, or education.
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