Mission and Goals

Mission of the West Chester University Physician Assistant Program

To educate physician assistants who can think critically and collaborate with others to address the needs of individual patients and the healthcare community with the highest levels of academic, clinical, ethical, and cultural competence.

*Program Goals

  1. To recruit qualified applicants who have demonstrated the motivation, dedication, and preparation necessary to meet the mission of the physician assistant program.
  2. To provide the didactic education and clinical opportunities necessary to prepare students to pass the PANCE certification exam and to enter into practice in a wide variety of clinical specialties and geographic areas. 
  3. To prepare students to collaborate with others within an interdisciplinary healthcare team to solve problems and address societal needs.
  4. To provide students opportunities to inclusively engage the community to promote and maintain health.
  5. To maintain the facilities, the faculty, and the resources necessary to train physician assistants in an ever-changing healthcare field.

*This will be updated to show the program’s success in meeting its goals as the program develops

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