Pre-Graduate Certification Program

This program is for students who have a bachelor's degree in a field other than communicative disorders, and who would like to pursue a master's degree in speech-language pathology or audiology. The Pre-graduate Certification Program (PCP) is 100% online. 

Why is it necessary to enter the Pre-graduate Certification Program(PCP)?

This step is necessary for individuals who hold a university degree in an area other than communication sciences and disorders. WCU's PCP program provides individuals with the core courses that are prerequisite for application to a graduate program in communication sciences and disorders. Courses are drawn from the Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders and other departments representing a cross-section of the undergraduate curriculum in communicative disorders.

What are the requirements for admission to the Pre-graduate Certification Program?

Admission to the program is competitive and is open to all students who have successfully completed a bachelor's or higher degree, regardless of major. Approximately 30 students per year are accepted to the program. Admission requires an applicant to have earned an overall grade point average (GPA) of at least 3.0 (on a 4.0 point scale) as an undergraduate. The applicant must also present a favorable letter of recommendation from an individual who is familiar with the applicant's academic skills.

What is the process for admission?

The process is as follows:

Please return all information to:

Pre-graduate Certification Program
West Chester University of Pennsylvania
Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders
201 Carter Drive, Suite 406
West Chester, PA 19383 

Deadline for application is February 15th.

If you have questions concerning the admission process, please call the department office (610-436-3401).

What are the average GPA scores of students who completeed the Pre-graduate Certification Program at WCU?

Below are the statistics for students who complete the program:

Type of Score Scores
Average Undergraduate Cumulative GPA 3.65
Range of GPA Scores 3.1-4.00
Standard Deviation 0.33

Program Costs & Courses for Pre-graduate Programs in the Region

Students participating in West Chester’s PCP program will take 30-33 credits of the necessary undergraduate pre-requisite courses needed to apply to graduate schools. In addition to offering foundational CSD courses, WCU’s PCP Program offers valuable educational and clinical experiences to prepare future graduate students for success.

Credits/Cost West Chester University Salus La Salle Delaware Valley Gwynedd Mercy
Credit Hours 30-33 30  24 15 21
Credit/Course Cost In State: $321  
Out of State: $804.0
$870 $1150 $550 $390
Total Cost In State: $12,700
Out of State: $ 27,000 
$27,000 $27,600 $8,322   $8,190 
Pre-graduate Program Course Highlights          
Introduction to Communication Disorders  X X X X X
Phonetics  X X X X X
Speech and Hearing Science  X X X X X
Introduction to Audiology  X X X X X
Speech & Language Development  X X X X X
Anatomy of Speech and Hearing  X X X   X
Neurology of Speech and Hearing X   X    
Speech & Voice Disorders  X X      
Language Disorders X        
Clinical Observation X X     X
Clinical Principles X X     X



If I enter the program and complete it, am I guaranteed admission to the graduate program at WCU?

No. Admission to the Pre-graduate Certification Program does not imply a guarantee of admission to graduate study in the WCU Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders. Students in the Pre-graduate Certification Program typically apply for admission to our graduate program as well as to several other programs.

How long does it take to complete the program?

The Pre-graduate Certification Program offers both a one-year and a two-year track. Both tracks begin with introductory courses offered during the first five-week summer session (mid-May through late June) and finish either one year or two years later in the summer.

Can I shorten the program if I have already taken some of the courses?

Yes. Many students who enter the program have already taken one or more courses that are part of the program. The program is designed to permit you to receive credit for your previous coursework, when applicable.

What is the delivery method of the PCP courses?

All the Communication Sciences and Disorders offered in the PCP program are 100% online with mostly asynchronous course instruction.

Who is available in the department to help me with the program?

Once you've been accepted into the program, your advisor will meet with you to discuss the course sequence and scheduling process. For information about the Pre-graduate Certification Program, contact:

Dr. Elizabeth U. Grillo
Telephone: (610) 436-2132