Interested Transfer Students

Thank you for your interest in the health and physical education program. We have a large contingent of students who attended a college or university elsewhere and are coming to WCU for a degree in health and physical education. We welcome you and look forward to helping you earn your teaching degree.

We recommend transferring to WCU once you decide to major in HPE and as soon as you are able to join us. Do not wait until you have earned a set number of credits or an associate degree unless it is nearly complete. This minimizes the number of transfer credits that may not count towards your degree. When transferring, it is likely all of your credits will transfer to WCU, but what is more important is whether or not those credits count towards WCU degree requirements in the Health and PE program. For example, if you completed 60 credits at your original institution, it is likely most, if not all, of those credits will transfer. However, if only 30 of those credits fulfill a required course, the other 30 will not be used.

There are two types of students who attend our program from other institutions:

  • Transfer students without an associate degree – These students completed credits at another institution but did NOT earn a degree. At WCU, these students will complete general education and HPE-specific course requirements not fulfilled by transfer credits.
  • Transfer students with an associate degree – By virtue of earning an associate degree from selected Pennsylvania colleges, these students must only complete HPE-required classes and PDE-required classes. They do NOT need to fulfill general education requirements. For more information, please view the PASSHE Academic Passport.

The classes listed below from Bucks Country Community College (BCCC) fulfill major-related HPE course requirements. Any class offered at BCCC NOT listed does NOT fulfill a major-related HPE requirement. Please consult the Transfer Credit Center for information about specific courses.

Bucks CCC Class(es) WCU Equivalent
KINS 170 + BIOL 181 + BIOL 182 EXS 241 and 361
(KINS 176 or KINS 178) + KINS 179 HPE 202
KINS 188 or (KINS 110 + KINS 124) HPE 203
KINS 155 HPE 275
HLTH 120 NTD 303

For additional information and/or questions, please contact the department chairperson, Dr. Laura Renzi.

Students in PE
Students playing golf
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