HPE Related Classes


Catalog #  Class Name
HPE 108 Introduction to School Wellness Education
HPE 186 Motor Development and Motor Learning

Wellness Education Pedagogy

Catalog # Class Name
HPE 205 Curriculum & Instruction: Inclusion in Health & Physical Education
HPE 206 Adapted Physical Education & Health for Students with Disabilities
HPE 300 Curriculum & Instruction: Elementary Physical Education
HPE 304 Secondary School Wellness Education
HPE 305 Pedagogy and Critical Issues in Urban School Wellness Education
HPE 347 Assessment and Technology in Health and Physical Education
HPE 403 School Wellness Education Practicum

Wellness and Applied Science Content Knowledge

Catalog # Class Name
EXS 241 Body Systems and Applied Anatomy I
EXS 361 Body Systems and Applied Anatomy II
HEA 304 Family Life and Sex Education
HEA 316 Alcohol, Tobacco and Other Drug Prevention Education 
NTD 300 Nutrition Pedagogy

Physical Activity Classes

Catalog # Class Name
HPE 102 Adventure and Contemporary Activities
HPE 104 Fitness and Wellness I
HPE 105 Fitness and Wellness II
HPE 201 Developmental Dance and Gymnastics
HPE 202 Invasion Games
HPE 203 Net and Wall Games
HPE 331 Water Safety Instruction

Student Teaching

Catalog # Class Name
HPE 489 Student Teaching – Elementary
HPE 490 Student Teaching – Secondary
Students climbing crates
Students golfing indoors
Ropes course