The Literary and Cultural Heritage Map of Pennsylvania

Special Programs

Undergraduate Research Project

Dr. Steven Herb of Penn State University and director of the Pennsylvania Center for the Book has invited WCU to be the first of three universities to pilot an undergraduate/graduate research program aimed at the maintenance and expansion of the Pennsylvania Literary and Cultural Heritage.

The map features authors and cultural figures with ties to the state. The WCU pilot offers undergraduates the opportunity to conduct original research, edit, fact-check, update, and write new copy for writers and cultural figures associated with Chester, Philadelphia, Lancaster, Montgomery, and Delaware counties as well as discover new names to add to the map. Students are recognized for editing or authoring the entries, so the projects offer them an opportunity for publication.

Erin Yentz--an English major in the Honors program--has had her original biography of Peter Krok published. She presented her work at the Undergraduate Research Conference--PA in Harrisburg.

Craft Workshops

WCCBH hosts occasional one- to five-day craft workshops in various aspects of bookmaking. Professor emeritus and founder and director of Aralia Press, Michael Peich, offers workshops in hand-press printing. Workshops and demonstrations in book-binding and papermaking are also planned.

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