Graduate Publishing Certificate Program

West Chester University's Publishing Certificate Program 1 launched in 2016, and is dedicated to providing high quality preparation for diverse publishing and related new media careers. Its dedication to quality is matched by a strong commitment to affordability and flexibility. Offering the area's most reasonably priced publishing program, the WCU's certificate program also distinguishes itself by hybrid and online courses and a curriculum that can be completed in as little time as ten months. The WCU Publishing Certificate Program aims to equip its students not only with a well-rounded, hands-on understanding of contemporary publishing and digital media but also with multifaceted knowledge of publishing history and media transformations; it is the only area (and quite possibly national) program to do so. Examining the shifts in writing, reading, and publishing over the centuries better prepares our graduates to navigate today's ever-changing publishing and media worlds. At the same time, the partnership between the College of Arts and Sciences and the College of Business and Public Affairs results in a superior interdisciplinary program that draws from the strengths of each.

As a component of the West Chester Center for Book History (WCCBH), the WCU Publishing Certificate Program benefits from a special relationship with the Center and the library; its campus programs, its distinguished speakers series, and craft courses. Its status as part of WCCBH, moreover, ties the Publishing Certificate Program to a state, national, and international network. Finally, by maintaining and expanding our collaborative relationships with area industries and employers, WCU Publishing Certificate Program is dedicated to enhancing the required internship experience and, in turn, the marketability of and employment opportunities for its graduates.

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