Planning Studio

West Chester's Eastern Gateway 

West Chester Gateway

  PLN 405 & PLN 605 Planning Studio B
  Spring 2021

Project Overview

The project site is the Gay Street corridor at the eastern gateway to the Borough of West Chester. This corridor, largely automobile-oriented, is one of the designated "Future Enhancement Areas" in West Chester Borough's Comprehensive Plan. The comprehensive plan envisions a mixed-use, pedestrian-friendly corridor that will support the overall revitalization of the East End of the Borough.

Students in the studio are developing a plan to visually and economically improve the corridor. The three-step approach includes: an Analysis of Existing Conditions; Development of Planning and Design Recommendations, and; Development of a Final Plan. Students are using an array of analytical and geospatial tools, including ArcGIS Urban to model alternative development scenarios and assess their impacts.

Check back for the final report!

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