Dr. Jongwoong Kim

Dr. Jongwoong Kim
Title: Assistant Professor and Assessment Coordinator
Location: 523 BPM Center
Email: JKim@wcupa.edu
Phone: 610-436-2646


Dr. Jongwoong ("Jong") Kim (he/him/his), an interdisciplinary researcher and dedicated educator, is an Assistant Professor and Assessment Coordinator in the Department of Geography and Planning and a faculty affiliate of the Center for GIS and Spatial Analysis at West Chester University (WCU). Dr. Kim's research and teaching interests include Housing and Community Development, Geospatial Analysis and Visualization, and Health/Aging and the Built Environment. He has received multiple grants and fellowships for research, including the Provost's Research Grant from West Chester University, as well as teaching and service honors, such as the Excellence in Teaching Award from the University of Cincinnati. He regularly teaches introductory planning, housing, quantitative analysis/methods, studio, and geography (world/urban/economic) courses at WCU. Currently (2022), Dr. Kim is a member of the CBPM Scholarship Committee, the CAPC Undergraduate Programs Committee, the ACSP Planners of Color Interest Group (POCIG), the APA Pennsylvania Chapter, the GSA Social Research, Policy, and Practice (SRPP) Group, and the Urban Affairs Association (UAA).


  • Ph.D., Regional Development Planning, University of Cincinnati, Cincinnati, OH
  • M.U.P., Urban Planning, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI
  • B.A., Economics (Minor in Business), University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, NC

Area of Expertise

  • Housing and Community Development
  • Geospatial Analysis and Visualization
  • Health/Aging and the Built Environment

Research Programs/Grants/Interests

  • PI, Provost’s Research Grant (2022-23), “A New Redlining in the Digital Era? A Geospatial and Statistical Analysis of Redfin Service Locations in the Context of Historically Redlined Areas in the U.S.,” with Heckert, M. (CL).
  • PI, CRPA Micro Research Grant (2021-22), “A Geospatial Analysis of Community Conditions and Hospital Access in Rural Pennsylvania,” with Harrison, Q. (Co-I).
  • PI, Campus Sustainability Research Grant, (2021-22), “Developing a 3D GIS Model to Visualize Campus Building Energy Consumption,” with Ahner, H. (Co-I).
  • PI, CBPM Research Scholarship (2021-22), “Flood Impact Analysis of Philadelphia’s Low-Income and Minority Communities,” with Bristowe, A. (Co-I).
  • Faculty Mentor, Summer Undergraduate Research Institute (2021), “Analyzing the Saturation Levels of Off-Campus Student Housing in the Borough of West Chester,” with Pealer, C. (PI)
  • Co-I, Provost’s Research Grant (2020-21), “Ensuring Equitable Neighborhood Change: Assessing Gentrification Pressures on the Historic East End in West Chester,” with Ives-Dewey, D. (PI) and Coutu, G. (Co-I).

Recent Publications/Journals/Books

  • Kim, J. (2022). A Reflective Account of Instructing Remote Planning Studios in the Era of COVID-19, Planning Practice & Research, DOI: 10.1080/02697459.2022.2077895.
  • Kim, J. (2022). The Age-Friendly Community Policy Movement and the Residential Location of U.S. Older Adults: The Case of Hamilton County, Ohio, Journal of Applied Gerontology, DOI: 10.1177/07334648221085462.
  • Ives-Dewey, D., Heckert, M., Kim, J., Katirai, M., & Katirai, W. (2022). Planning in Rural Pennsylvania in 2020: Analysis of the Use and Effectiveness of Municipal Land Use Tools, Center for Rural Pennsylvania. Harrisburg, PA: Center for Rural PA.
  • Kim, J. (2021). Book review on “The right to an age-friendly city: Redistribution, recognition, and senior citizen rights in urban spaces,” by Meghan Joy, Journal of Urban Affairs, DOI: 10.1080/07352166.2021.1982617.

Professional and Community Engagement

Campus Committees

  • Member, CBPM Scholarship Committee, 2019-Present
  • Member, CAPC Undergraduate Programs Committee, 2020-Present

Professional/Scientific Organizations

  • Member, ACSP Planners of Color Interest Group (POCIG), 2019-Present
  • Member, APA Pennsylvania Chapter, 2019-Present
  • Member, GSA Social Research, Policy, and Practice (SRPP) Group, 2020-Present
  • Member, Urban Affairs Association (UAA), 2022-Present

Classes Regularly Taught

  • GEO/PLN 214 – Introduction to Planning
  • GEO/PLN 354/554 – Housing and Planning in America
  • GEO/PLN 326 – Quantitative Analysis in Geography/Planning
  • GEO/PLN 509 – Quantitative Methods in Geography/Planning
  • GEO/PLN 403 – Planning & Design Studio A
  • GEO/PLN 405 – Planning & Design Studio B
  • GEO 101 – World Geography
  • GEO 312 – Urban Geography
  • GEO 318 – Economic Geography
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