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Welcome to the Center for Newcomer Onboarding at West Chester University. We are a group of faculty, staff, and students connected by an interest in newcomer experiences. Employers tend to refer to this as onboarding. Academia tends to refer to this as socialization (e.g., occupational socialization, organizational socialization, international socialization, etc.). Regardless of the labels, we enjoy coming together to support one another's research and teaching. We also promote the great research and teaching being done at other universities and professional associations.  
In addition, the Center is now consulting with organizations inside and outside of the university to improve their own onboarding processes.  
We hope that you will take some time getting to know us. Please click on the appropriate tabs to learn more about our current research projects, teaching modules, practice initiatives, and of course, the people who make up the Center. To learn more, reach out to any one of us - you'll find our email addresses on the "people" tab. And please follow our LinkedIn group! 


Johnna Capitano, Ph.D. 
Associate Professor of Management 
Founding Faculty Member 

Johnna Capitano

Our Mission Statement

We are devoted to facilitating newcomer onboarding experiences and outcomes through teaching, research and practice.

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