BA Theatre

The Department of Theatre and Dance offers a Bachelor of Arts in Theatre that combines the foundation of a liberal arts education with the creative skills needed by the developing theatre and dance artist.

While all Theatre and Dance majors take a comprehensive course of study in the BA program, several elective concentrations are available depending on the student's interest:

  • Musical Theatre
  • Performance
  • Design and Production

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Dance Minor

The Dance Minor consists of 19 credits and can be selected by students in conjunction with most majors at the university. The dance minor provides opportunities in both concert dance and musical theatre.

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Theatre Minor

The Theatre Minor consists of 19 credits and can be selected by students in conjunction with most majors at the university. The theatre minor provides courses in all facets of theatre including design, history, performance, and theory.

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Certificate in Ballet

West Chester University and Brandywine Ballet offer a joint program: an undergraduate degree from WCU and a Certificate in Ballet from Brandywine Ballet. This program allows students the opportunity to pursue a University degree with a broad educational emphasis while concurrently receiving advanced ballet training, and performance opportunities in a professional setting.

The Certificate in Ballet program is a rigorous, professional program that combines ballet training with three professionally staged productions each year. Brandywine Ballet engages professional faculty and choreographers to work with the students whose schedule includes a minimum of four classes and a range of 2-8 hours of rehearsal each week. All ballet training is conducted at Brandywine Ballet's state-of-the-art facilities in West Chester, located in close proximity to the West Chester University campus. Each year Brandywine Ballet presents three full-scale, professional productions featuring contemporary and/or classical ballet on the WCU campus in the Emilie K. Asplundh Concert Hall, as well as additional festival engagements in the tri-state area. Students enrolled in the Certificate in Ballet program may choose any undergraduate major at West Chester University.

Program Admission

Admission to the Certificate in Ballet program is a two-pronged process. Students must apply and be accepted to West Chester University through the normal application process and audition with Brandywine Ballet for admittance into the Certificate in Ballet program. Individual auditions will be scheduled by appointment.

Total costs for the Certificate in Ballet program include standard West Chester University tuition and fees plus an additional fee for participation in the ballet program. West Chester University offers both need- and merit-based scholarships. Brandywine Ballet offers scholarships and work-study specifically applicable to the ballet program fees. Students seeking scholarships are encouraged to apply to the University early in the fall of their senior year.

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