Film Criticism Minor

Welcome to the Film Criticism Minor! Our program offers students training in cineliteracy—the ability to analyze, understand, and appreciate the moving image—and familiarizes them with formalist, historical, political, socio-cultural, and other critical approaches to film. Students in the minor develop their skills through screenings and written analyses; they learn to become critically literate and socially conscious in their approach to film, and more adept at communicating sophisticated responses to the medium.

Learning Outcomes

Students in the Film Criticism Minor will develop the following:

  • Enhanced level of cineliteracy. Students will be able to "read" the various language systems of film (cinematography, mise-en-scene, editing, acting, sound, genre, and more.)
  • Critical awareness of film content. Students will be able to explain the role of film in sustaining or critiquing ideologies, myths, cultural values, and prejudices.
  • Knowledge of the cultural diversity of film. Students will appreciate the multicultural dimensions of filmmaking as it occurs outside of Hollywood: national film schools and feminist and postcolonial currents.
  • Understanding of the social and historical significance of cinema as an institution. Students will understand the role of cinema in the emergence of the "society of the image" and celebrity culture, and they will learn about changing patterns of film production, reception, and viewing.

Advising Sheet

Like most minors at WCU, the Film Criticism Minor requires students to take six courses, or 18 credits, in order to complete the program. Our students take one required course—FLM 200: Introduction to Film—and choose five electives. View our updated Film Criticism Minor advising sheet .


As an interdisciplinary program housed in English but comprising courses from several different departments, the Film Criticism Minor enables you to specialize in your own specific area(s) of interest within the broader field of film. The English Department typically offers at least six FLM courses per semester; please check the online Schedule of Classes to learn about the availability of courses offered by other departments. View the complete list of required and elective courses for the Film Criticism Minor.


Affiliated Faculty

Declare the Minor

Interested in declaring the Film Criticism Minor? Visit the WCU Registrar's Registration page for instructions on how to submit an Academic Plan Change Request in myWCU.

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