Join Us

If you are interested in teaching with us, please check our course listings and send us an inquiry email. If you are interested in partnering with us or joining our advisory board, please check out our community partner list and link. If you are interested in taking courses with us, please review our curricula for RUX and YES ; we recommend that you start with our intro courses, such as RUX 110 and YES 250.

Our Vision

A sustainable hub for urban change-makers, an enduring and robust institution that authentically and mutually meets the needs of multiple WCU entities and Philadelphia neighborhoods and organizations, where a deeply multiracial and cross-class alliance of youth and adults with a multiplicity of professional expertise and live experience engage in practices to further develop their own and each other's abilities to leverage assets and resources in and outside the community to cultivate security and vibrancy, trust and relationship, and equity and power.

Our Mission

To support the building of power for Southeastern PA metropolitan communities, specifically but not exclusively global majority/communities of color and low-income urban communities, through providing together new and mid-career urban community change professionals -- particularly urban youth workers, artists, and cross-sector racial and economic justice workers -- credential-bearing educational pathways and supportive, healing spaces and opportunities for renewal.