Student Organization: Sexuality and Gender Alliance, SAGA

Weekly Meetings

SAGA meets on Mondays 4:30pm - 5:30pm via Zoom.

Please note: Our meetings are open to all who wish to participate both educationally and socially in a dedicated safe space. These meetings are not open for students who are fulfilling academic or paraprofessional requirements!  Please

contact us

directly and we can direct you to specific programs or trainings that would be more appropriate.

Visit our website!

Executive Board (2021-2022)

Office Location and Phone

Visit us in Sykes Student Union, room 220. The office sits in the back left corner of the CSI (Center for Student Involvement) on the second floor.

Phone: 610-436-3351 

Speakout Program

The Speakout Program, now run by SAGA, is an opportunity for West Chester University's trans and queer students to share their coming out stories with their peers. To become a Speakout panelist, fill out the Speakout Volunteer form. An email regarding training for this will be sent out shortly. Please email

 with any additional questions. 

Shades of the Rainbow

Shades of the Rainbow is a group that offers connection, support and community for queer and trans students of color. If you are interested in learning more about this group, please contact 

Nyred Jackson

for more information. 


T-Time is a closed discussion and support group for trans and non-binary identifying students. We meet once a week in Sykes Student Union. For more information about this group, contact

Kaden Unger

to learn more.

Faculty/Staff Organization: LGBTQIA+ University Caucus


This caucus is comprised of faculty and staff that work in solidarity to create a safer and more equitable campus climate for trans and queer people. 

If you have an issue of concern that you would like to bring to the attention of the Caucus, please send us

an email

If you are interested in LGBTQAI+ University Caucus, please

reach out

University Caucus Mission Statement

The mission of the LGBTQIA+ University Caucus is to promote the equity, empowerment, and success of LGBTQIA+ students, faculty, and staff by fostering a safe campus environment; developing, suggesting, and supporting inclusive policies and curriculum; supporting LGBTQIA+ recruitment and retention initiatives; and promoting social and educational opportunities to meaningfully engage with the University community.

The committee is charged with the following functions: 

  • identify LGBTQA equity issues
  • work with appropriate campus agencies to create a safe campus for LGBTQA people
  • suggest, develop and implement educational programs
  • promote an awareness and understanding of LGBTQA issues
  • explore the possibilities of curriculum of LGBTQA issues

The caucus will make recommendations to appropriate channels within the University when concerns arise regarding these areas. These functions are in keeping with and enhancing the mission of West Chester University. 

You can find more information about the LGBTQIA+ University Caucus on their website.

CTQA Spotlight

Cherry and Zaire

Cherisse Richardson (left)

Cherisse is a Psychology major with a minor in Japanese. They are also an alumni of the Hosei University Study Abroad Program in Tokyo, Japan and part of the Anime Club Executive Board.

Zaire Cuspud (right)

Zaire is a Resident Assistant in Commonwealth Hall, Publicity Chair of Psychology Club, Secretary of SAGA, on the Multicultural Committee of Student Government, and on the Member-Inclusivity Committee of Phi Sigma Pi Honors Fraternity.


CTQA Spotlight is a way to highlight and showcase students, faculty, staff members, and organizations at West Chester University who continuously advocate for the trans and queer community. If you have a nomination for the next CTQA Spotlight, click here.

How do you celebrate your trans and/or queer identity during Black History Month?

Cherisse: "I celebrate by being unapologetically black and queer amongst my peers, classmates, and family. This means informing people of the existence of systematic racism in our current American climate, and taking any opportunity to encourage people to speak up about police brutality, trans poc, and the racial injustice that many black people experience on a daily basis."

Zaire: "I continue to conduct research and provide myself the tools I need in order to educate others. As well as advocating for my community and providing an inclusive, diverse, and accepting space where ever I am. We are here and will continue to be queer!"

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