Spring 2024

Tight Knit — Every Monday, 3:30-4:40 pm in Sykes 250 —

Stop by CTQA (Sykes 250) on Mondays 3:20-4:40pm to hang out, socialize, and craft!

Beyond Black and White: The Asexual and Aromantic Spectrums —

Still confused about the A in LGBTQIA+? Maybe you have a friend or family member who just came out as ace or aro. Or maybe you're questioning whether you may fall under that a-spectrum yourself? Join us as we celebrate Aromantic Spectrum Awareness Week by learning the terms, discussing diversity, and breaking down the myths around aro and ace identities.

Silent Reading Day —

Join us in some silent reading for an hour of reading to celebrate Silent Reading Day! Bring your current read or choose a book from our library!  

Movie Night — 

Join the Center for Trans and Queer Advocacy for movie night where we watch a movie that highlights women, in front of and/or behind the camera. 

Ram I Am: Leather + Lace —

 Join the Center for Trans and Queer Advocacy in talking about the importance and impact of kink and BDSM in the queer community.

Aspec in Media —

Join us to celebrate queer media past, present, and future! We'll break down how far we've come, talk about our favorite media, including movies, TV, books, comics, music, social media, podcasts, and theatre, and look ahead to what we hope to see more of. Because representation matters!


Finals Prep Stress Less Event —

If you're feeling overwhelmed by finals and classes, maybe we can help! Join CTQA for an afternoon of pizza, therapy dogs, coloring pages, and more! All are welcome to celebrate the end of the semester with us. Hope to see you there! 


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