Alcohol Education and Programming Grants

The Alcohol Education and Programming Grant is funded by fines paid by students who have had alcohol/drug related judicial violations.

Grants of $500-$1000 are available to support Alcohol/Drug Education and Programming. Funds must be used in the specified semester.

The purpose of this grant is to promote healthy decision-making, related to alcohol/drug use and to support decisions to reduce/avoid use by engaging in alcohol-free social opportunities.

Who is Eligible to Apply for Funds?

  • WCU students/student organizations
  • WCU faculty
  • WCU staff

Collaborative projects (students, staff, and faculty) are strongly encouraged.

Types of Projects or Approaches

Applicants are encouraged to develop creative and informative projects to highlight the benefits of alcohol-free events and/or risks of use/overuse of alcohol. Programs may involve a social event AND MUST INCLUDE an educational component. Educational components should have a positive message and avoid scare tactics, which have not been shown to be effective.

Positive messages can include:

  • Encouraging social options on campus or in the borough (no need to say "alcohol-free").
  • If drinking: pacing, limiting to 4-5 drinks, avoiding or limiting pre-gaming, eating a meal, alternating with water, calling 911 when someone appears to have alcohol poisoning.

Projects may include, but are not limited to:

  • Start-up funds to support a fundraiser for a related community organization (Safe Harbor, Salvation Army, Friends Shelter)
  • Residence Hall late night event that includes an educational component
  • Curriculum infusion programs related to alcohol/drug use
  • Programs for students moving off-campus for the fall semester (Party Planning, Good Neighbor focus)
  • Video projects that present the positives of non-alcohol activities
  • Video projects that present both sides of partying: the good and not good stuff, as well as points for keeping safe
  • Sponsor a Mix-Off (contact the Alcohol Education Office for details)

More Information

Funding Limits: Grants will be awarded to a maximum of $1,000. Spring funds must be used before June 30, 2016.

Due Dates: Requests for funds will be reviewed on an ongoing basis until the funds are depleted.

To Apply

Download the Alcohol Education and Programming Grant Application . Save the document to your computer with a title that reflects the project. When it is complete, email it to

Complete the Alcohol Education Programming Grant Report , which is due one month after your event is completed.

Need clarification or assistance? Contact

Mary Jane Rogan

or call 610-430-4194.