All members of your Residence Life and Housing Services (RLHS) staff are genuinely interested in helping you enjoy and benefit from your on-campus living experience. They are willing to help you with just about any need or problem you have- from getting your classes scheduled to planning a floor social; from finding a particular building on campus to adjusting to University life.

RLHS staff members have all undergone extensive selection and training for their positions. They are there to answer your questions and to help you encounter both an enjoyable and meaningful experience in the residence halls or apartments. Become acquainted with RLHS staff members and do not hesitate to ask for their assistance!

Your Resident Assistant or RA:
Each residence hall has a Resident Assistant(s) living on each floor and each apartment building has a Resident Assistant who lives in that building or the building next door. Your RA is a full-time student who works part-time for the Office of Residence Life and Housing Services. Your RA knows what it takes to make the most of living on campus.

What can you expect from your RA?

  • To answer any questions
  • To act as a referral person
  • To work at the Front Desk or Clubhouse several hours a week
  • To hold floor or building meetings
  • To advise you on University regulations
  • To ask your help in making life on the floor enjoyable and productive
  • To be available on a personal basis for "just talking"
  • To challenge you with programs
  • To advise your floor or building on getting social events organized
  • To maintain confidentiality with you, when appropriate
  • To conduct periodic tours of rooms, common areas, and individual apartments to check for damages, maintenance concerns or safety concerns
  • To be responsible for posting pertinent information for building or complex residents
  • To be available for general counseling, mediation and emergency situations

The Front Desk Assistants or FDAs:
Desk Assistants are full-time students. Their job is to keep the Front Desk open to provide services for the residents of the hall. They answer phones, distribute mail and disburse information. They are also there to answer your questions and to help you in the case of an emergency.

Your Graduate Hall Director (GHD):
Each residence hall and each apartment complex at South Campus is run by a Graduate Hall Director who lives on campus.  The GHDs supervise the Resident Assistant and Desk Assistant staffs in their building or complex and are responsible for the daily operation of that hall or complex.

The GHD is available to you for consultation in a number of areas: personal relationships, academic and vocational concerns, or for general information about the University.   Graduate Hall Directors also serve as University Hearing Officers. You can meet with your GHD during posted office hours or by appointment. You may also leave messages at the Front Desk or Clubhouse Desk for the GHD. In case of an emergency, the FDA or RA will be able to locate the an on-call staff member to assist you.

All of the Affiliated Housing facilities (Allegheny, Brandywine andUniversity Hall and the Village at WCU) are staffed by a Community Manager and other staff who are available to address issues and answer questions about these two areas. They may be contacted through the front desk of the halls or the Clubhouse Desk in the Village.