Fall 2020 Dog Therapy Visits

Due to campus announcement that instruction will be expedited remotely for the the fall semester - there will not be any  dog therapy visits on campus. Please be on the look out for Virtual Visits via the dog therapy instagram account (@WCUDogTherapy)

Date Time Visiting Dogs

Dog Therapy Requests

If you are with a Residence Hall and you would like the therapy dogs to attend an event, here are the guidelines.  Email Liz Carper ( at least 2 weeks prior to the event. 

You must include: 

  1. the requested date
  2. the requested time
  3. the nature of your request. 

In other words, what is the program you are presenting?  [Sorry but it cannot just be a visit with the therapy dogs :)]  Because the therapy dogs book up quickly and already have PR commitments with us, requests will be filled when possible!

Mr. Muddy ("Mudd") Puddles
Embedded Therapy Dog

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