Semester Events

The Career Development Center offers a broad range of events from Job & Internship Fairs, Meet-Ups, Resume Review Days, Information Tables and Workshops. For details about each event and a listing of employers that will participate, log into your Handshake account and go to Events.

Job & Internship Fair

  • What is it? Recruiters from business, education, healthcare, technology, nonprofit and government sectors and more connect with students about full-time, part-time, and internship opportunities.
  • When is it? This large event occurs two times per year, once in the spring semester and once in the fall.
  • Who should attend? All current undergraduate and graduate students and alumni who are looking to meet with employers to network and learn about current and future employment opportunities.

Meet Ups

  • What is it? This type of networking event is smaller in scale than the Job & Internship Fair and is industry specific. We have Meet Ups for Accounting, Nursing, F.I.R.E (Finance, Insurance, Real Estate and Economics), Science and Technology among others.
  • When is it? Meet Ups occur throughout the fall and spring semesters.
  • Who should attend? Since these are specific to majors and career interests, undergraduate and graduate students in majors that match with the theme of the Meet Up should attend.

Information Tables

  • What is it? Employers scheduled Information Tables to informally talk with students about their organization and employment opportunities.
  • When is it? Throughout the fall and spring semester.
  • Who should attend? Any student who is interested in learning more about the organizations.

On-Campus Interviews Program

  • Employers visit the WCU campus (or offer virtual options) in the fall and spring semesters to interview students for jobs and internships. You may use Handshake to search for positions that interest you, review the descriptions, qualifications and application directions, and then apply no later than the "resume deadline." To be considered for an interview, you must apply directly to each position of interest; just uploading a resume into Handshake is not enough.
  • Interviews begin mid-September and end in late April. On-Campus Interviews are sometimes the only way to connect with certain employers and are a great way to secure internships and post-graduation employment.


Other Events and Career Fairs

  • Relation-Sips – Employers meet with students in Saxby’s Coffee to talk about career opportunities.
  • Prepare for the Fair – Get your resume reviewed and practice your elevator pitch before the Job & Internship Fairs.
  • Workshops on various career topics are help throughout the semester. Learn more about requesting something for your club or organization.