Big Interview

Practice does not mean perfect, it means improvement

Big Interview is an online mock interview tool that combines training and practice to help improve interview skills and build confidence. This resource includes:

  • Assistance with preparing for phone, in-person, video and/or Zoom interviews.
  • Unique, preset interview questions to meet your individual interviewing needs. There are preset questions for different experience levels, industries, job roles, and competency areas.
  • An answer builder feature, allowing students to craft their responses to behavioral based and/or multiple part questions.
  • A recording feature, allowing students to record their practice interviews. Once complete, students can generate a link and share these recordings with others. Consider sharing with friends, colleagues, and/or career counselors from the Career Development Center for feedback.


To login, utilize the following link: Single sign on is activated so use your WCU email address and password to access the site.


If you no longer have access to your WCU email address, you are welcome to use a personal email account, however, you must use the following link to create an account.

If you encounter any issues, please contact the Career Development Center at