Service to Private Offices

The WCU Custodial Department is committed to the mission of providing a safe and healthy learning and working environment for all of the campus’ students, employees and guests. We have adjusted our operating procedures to ensure your private offices stay private by limiting personnel into your space. Office suites, reception desks, and cubicles will continue to be serviced daily. We encourage anyone with a private office to put their waste and recycling into centrally located waste and recycling bins around their office suite hallways where it will be removed. If there are other service needs (ex. Vacuuming, dusting, etc.) please submit a Maintenance Request with "Type of Work" as "Custodial Related". Most requests are handled within 24 to 48 hours.

Office Mini-Bins Program

Very little of what is thrown away on campus actually belongs in the garbage. The Mini-Bin program has been adopted by West Chester University to make waste sorting easier for building occupants, reduce landfill waste, and allow custodial staff to spend more time on essential cleaning tasks.

Desk-side garbage bins in individual offices and workstations have self-service Mini-Bin containers consisting of a 28-quart blue recycling bin with an attached 3-quart black waste bin. Both promote personal responsibility for waste generation. Staff are responsible for emptying their Mini-Bin into larger centrally-located waste bins, that are emptied daily by Custodial Operations. The custodial staff collects and empties individual blue recycling bins twice a week.

Printable Mini-Bin flyer

Why does WCU use Mini-Bins?

  • Increase awareness and responsibility regarding waste generation
  • Make waste sorting easier and more sustainable for building occupants
  • Help WCU reach its sustainable waste diversion goals
  • Allow custodial staff to focus on essential cleaning tasks

Does the program affect all buildings at WCU?

All academic, administrative, and facilities buildings at WCU locations have adopted or will adopt the Mini-Bin program. It’s also a standard in all new construction at WCU.

How do custodial staff redirect the time that used to be spent emptying desk-side bins?

Custodians focus on essential tasks for the health and cleanliness of the University, such as restrooms and high-traffic touch points. They continue to enter offices twice a week to complete other cleaning tasks like vacuuming and emptying desk side recycling bins.

Why is the black waste bin so small?

The small waste bin will typically suffice because most office waste is recyclable. If you’re not sure how to dispose of your items, visit our Disposal Guide.

Why are desk-side Mini-Bins unlined?

This reduces the number of plastic bags in the waste stream and the expense of plastic liners.

Where do I empty my desk-side Mini-Bin?

When your bin is full, empty them into centralized waste bins, strategically placed in hallways, copy rooms, and kitchenettes.

How do I get replacement or additional Mini-Bins?

Please submit a service request. A member from the Custodial Operations team will coordinate the delivery. All faculty and staff and eligible for this service. The mini-bins are provided at no cost to you or your department.