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West Chester University in Philadelphia


Phone: (267) 386 - 3001


To learn more about our programs, please contact the appropriate person as follows:

All Undergraduate Programs
Graf Eggers
Admissions Counselor
Phone: 610-436-6943
Schedule a 1:1 appointment with Graf

Graduate Programs

Master of Social Work
Jeanean Mohr
Assistant Director of Recruitment, Admissions and Enrollment
Phone:  610-436-2096

Graduate Certificate in Urban Education
M.Ed Transformative Education and Social Change
Kathleen Rzucidlo
Assistant Director of Graduate Enrollment
Phone: 610-436-6940

Master of Public Administration
Lillian Miller
Associate Director of Graduate Enrollment of College of Business and Public Management
Phone:  610-436-2018



Updated for Fall 2020

Joseph Santivasci, M.Ed.
Sr. Associate Vice President of Financial Aid and Campuses
Phone: 610-436-3376

Joseph Santivasci


Marcie Cohen, M.S.
Associate Director for Student Services
Phone: 267-225-8756

Marcie Cohen


Ben Morgan, M.A.
Associate Director, Student Success Center
Phone: 657-400-3061

Ben Morgan


Fall 2020 Philadelphia Campus Hours of Operation

During the fall 2020 semester, the Philadelphia Campus will be open during the following hours only:

  • Mondays 12-8pm
  • Tuesdays 12-8pm
  • Thursdays 11am-7pm

Please schedule an appointment if you need to meet with a specific staff or faculty member.

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