Good Company

As part of the West Chester’s First initiative, we aim to provide first-generation students with what Marcia B. Baxter Magolda calls “good company,” or someone who assists students during their “transformation from reliance on external authority to taking ownership and responsibility for one’s life.  This transformation to self-authorship requires constructing one’s own internal self-definition to guide one’s life and relationship with others in the context of external influence.” She adds: “being good company for literally thousands of students, all of whom are on different journeys, is a complex challenge.”  

The faculty and staff listed on this page have indicated their willingness to serve as “good company” to West Chester University’s first-generation students. All of the faculty and staff you see here were once first-generation students.

Name WCU Department/Area
Mari Velarde Academic Support and Advocacy Center
Jennifer Halsey Accounting 
John Leveille Anthropology/Sociology
Betty Ann Kempf Athletics
Dina Guerra Athletics
Oné Pagan Biology
Natalie Stevenson Biology
Jennifer Maresh Biology
Sharon Began Biology
Amber Pleasants Career Development Center
Kate Shellaway Career Development Center
Yessica Gutierrez Career Development Center
Alondra Martinez Center for Civic Engagement & Social Impact
Jeanette Donahue Center for Community Solutions/Continuing Professional Education 
Melissa Cichowicz Chemistry
Lisa Calvano College of Business and Public Management
Kelly Peltier College of Business and Public Management
Jesse Piersol Communication and Media
Roger Gatchet Communication and Media
Andi Xhihani Counseling and Psychological Services
Rachel Daltry Counseling and Psychological Services
Judi Schmitz Counselor Education
Eric Owens Counselor Education
Vickie Ann McCoy Counselor Education
Michele Bratina Criminal Justice
Tracey Robinson Diversity, Equity and Inclusion
Russell Losco Earth and Space Science
Tim Lutz Earth and Space Sciences
Howell Bosbyshell Earth and Space Sciences
Patrick Lenzi Earth and Space Sciences
Marc Gagne Earth and Space Sciences
Chris Penny Ed Tech, CESW
Michelle Guinan Education: Early and Middle Grades
Vicky Patton Education: Early and Middle Grades
Cynthia Haggard Education: Secondary
Pauline Schmidt Education: Secondary Education/English & the Writing Project
Collen Commisso Education: Special Education
Dawn Patterson Education: Special Education
Kim Doan Education: Special Education
York Williams Education: Special Education
Christy Hicks Education: Special Education
Beatrice Adera Education: Special Education
Vicki McGinley Education: Special Education
Joseph Cicala Educational Foundations and Policy Studies
Orkideh Mahajeri Educational Foundations and Policy Studies
Dana Morrison Educational Foundations and Policy Studies
Rachel Banner English
Sherri  Craig English
Jeffrey Renye English
Mary Clark  English
Daniel Taylor-Storm English
Sophia Vilceas English
Ashley Patriarca English
K. Jamie Woodlief English
Justin Rademaekers English
Jason Vanfosson English
Stacy Esch English
Kuhio Walters English
Drew Harvey  Facilities
Leslie Ely Finance & Business Services
Anna Downes Finance and Administration
Barbara Fenton Financial Aid
Tori Nuccio Financial Aid
Reagan Smiley Geography and Planning
Melissa Dziedzic Graduate Social Work
Tina Chiarelli-Helminiak  Graduate Social Work
Evan Daney Health
Cheryl Gunter Health
Sharon Dejoy Health
Chiwonesco Tinago Health
Louise Makau Health
Kristen Del Grippo Health
Michale Markowski Health
Tammy James Health/Athletics
Sojung Kim Health: Communication Sciences and Disorders
Lorenzo Cena Health: Environmental Health
Melanie Vile Health: Environmental Science
Eric Fournier History
Brenda Gaydosh History
Tonya Thames Taylor History: African Am Studies
Zachary Wooten Honors College & Minor in Civic and Professional Leadership
Kevin Dean Honors College & Prof. of Communication Studies
Lisa Yannick Institutional Research
Ed Kubachka Kinesiology
Alison Donley Kinesiology
Melissa Reed Kinesiology
Roxanne Petit-Rasselle Languages and Cultures
Matello Mugnai Languages and Cultures
Jason A. Bartles Languages and Cultures - Spanish
Diane Santori Literacy
Christin Uryniak Literacy
Ryan Monaghan  Literacy
Krista Carstens Literacy
Rose Jagielo-Manion Literacy
Ashley Smith Literacy
Bob Pracher Management
Shayna Frawley Management
David Perri Management
Jennifer Bozeman Management
Cynthia Gentile Management
Johnna Capitano Management
Kelly Fisher Management
Brian Bowen Management
Ellen DiSanti New Student Programs
Devan Zgleszewski New Student Programs
Nancy Barker Nursing
Christine Thomas Nursing
Tania Edwards Nursing
Michelle Kaulback Nursing
Jeanie Subach Nutrition
Keri Palasz Nutrition
Nancy Patin Falini Nutrition
Sharon Watson Office of Educational Accessibility
April Jackson Office of Educational Accessibility
Susan Durkovic Office of Educational Accessibility
Jayme Trogus Wellness Promotion 
Lisa Montgomery Ombuds, Student Affairs
Evelyn Anderson Philadelphia Location
Kelly Smack Philadelphia Location
Anthony Nicastro Physics and Engineering
Ashlie Delshad Political Science
Loretta Rieser-Danner Psychology
Deanna Zotter Psychology
Carla Verderame  Psychology
Michele Pole Psychology: Community Mental Health Services
Janet Chang Psychology: Industrial-Organizational Psychology
Megan Nolan Psychology: Industrial-Organizational Psychology
Erran Robson Registrar's Office
Dr. Pablo Arriaza Social Work
Hadih Deedat Social Work
Claire Dente Social Work
Miguel Ceballos Sociology
Jacqueline Zalewski Sociology
Sabrina Rightmer Student Affairs
Tabetha Adkins Student Affairs
Amanda Thomas Student Affairs
Lora Crosswhite Student Health Services
Adriane Reilly Sykes Union and Student Activities
Clayton Kolb Sykes Union and Student Activities
John Bellomo Theatre and Dance
Carolyn Chalmers Theatre and Dance
Tiffany Jones University College: Academic Success Program
Kaitlyn Crouse-Machcinski University College: Learning Assistance and Resource Center 
Trish Lenkowski University Libraries
Ron McColl University Libraries
Laurie Palumbo University Libraries
Amy Pajewski University Libraries
Danielle Skaggs University Libraries
June Thompson Veterans Center, Greg and Sandra Weisenstein
Vincent DeMarro Veterans Center, Greg and Sandra Weisenstein
Joan Kelly-Stafford Wells School of Music
Mark Rimple Wells School of Music
Mary Ellen Schauber Wells School of Music
Matthew Miller Wells School of Music