What does "first-generation" mean? 

West Chester University considers you a first-generation college student if none of your parents/guardians completed a Bachelor's degree. Participate in West Chester's First events to meet other first-gens, improve your skills to become a more successful student, and connect yourself and your family to the campus! 


  • Mark your calendar for these upcoming events:
    • April 21:  Banana Day - a very unique WCU tradition!
    • April 30:  Ram Jam - events to celebrate the end of the spring semester
  • Stay updated on events and connect with other students with these resources:

Why participate in West Chester's First programs?

We encourage first-generation students to participate in our programs to: 

·  gain a sense of belonging and establish your identity on our campus

·  improve your skills to become a successful student

·  helping increase awareness surrounding you and your family’s needs as first-generation student

West Chester's First Powerpoint

West Chester First Powerpoint Header





First Gen Family Resource Guide

First Gen Family Resource Guide



The Division of Student Affairs is committed to see you through the transition to alternative modes of instruction and a number of departments are prepared to continue engaging with our first-generation students through programs and resources to encourage you to reach your full potential. Please visit the WeCU website to learn more about current and incoming avenues of support, engagement, and involvement. Please continue to check your emails for announcements on first-generation targeted events and resources!



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