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Weekly tutoring for Summer 2024 starts On May 28th. Starting May 15th, You can schedule your own appts by clicking on the green button below.


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Important LARC Information



PURPLE BUTTON: If you would like WEEKLY RECURRING (same day/time each week) please click on purple button and send an email to the LARC. 




Summer 2024 Tutoring Virtual Zoom Links

Fall 2024 Tutor Registration Information (TBD)

  • Tutor Registration for Weekly, Recurring Sessions will open on TBD. Make individual appointments here (starting date will be TBD):
  • (Note: Date will be released in the August 2024) Make weekly appointments by visiting the LARC (224 Lawrence) in-person or virtually here:

Summer 2024 Information

  • All LARC services are free to students.
  • The LARC will offer both in-person and virtual tutoring sessions for Summer 2024. Tutoring runs from Summer I 5/28-6/28 (closed 6/19) and Summer II 7/1-8/2 (Closed 7/4).  Masks are optional at this time.
  • All in-person sessions will take place in 224 Lawrence (except Music, which will be in Swope Music Library)
  • Tutor Registration for Weekly, Recurring Sessions will open on (May 24th). Make individual appointments here (starting date will be May 24th):
  • Make weekly appointments by visiting the LARC virtually here:
  • Any question regards to tutoring should be directed to the LARC at LARC@WCUPA.EDU.
    Any question regards to success coaching or Academic Success Workshops should be directed to Dr. Jocelyn Manigo at JManigo@WCUPA.EDU.  
    General questions can go to 

Cancellation & No Show Guidelines 

  • Students are responsible for canceling their own appointments. All students can cancel an individual appointment by logging onto WC Online
  • Students can cancel up to 3 hours in advance. Anything less than 3 hour notice will be considered a "no-show." 
  • If a student has 3 "no-shows" (aka three missed appointments), the student's WC Online account will be locked. As long as they are not in the same course, a LARC staff member will notify the student and unlock the account. 
  • If a student misses three sessions of the SAME COURSE (e.g. three BIO 110 sessions), the rest of the schedule will be cancelled and a students account will remain locked. 
  • We at the LARC try to provide flexibility to students by allowing cancellations up to 3 hours in advance. We prefer that students stay home if they are feeling ill. If an emergency arises (e.g. illness that required a doctor's visit, car accident, funeral, etc.), please reach out to LARC staff and discuss having the appointment cancelled after the fact. HOWEVER, same day cancellations should be rare and reserved for illness or other emergency. 
  • If a student cancels same day 3 times, the account will be locked and LARC staff will reach out to see if the student still wants tutoring for that course. 
  • If a student cancels same day 4 times, they will lose the weekly tutoring appointment but can still make individual appointments when needed. 

What are students saying about our tutors from Spring 2024?

  • "[Nicholas M.] He has been an incredible tutor this semester and I really appreciate his help and determination. Without his support and guidance, I don't think I could have done as well in the course as I have so far."
  • "[MacLaren R.] She’s very good at teaching. She understands it (History) on a deeper level ."
  • "[Brianne S.] Explaining things in depth with drawing on boards and giving Lab advice. She always listens and explains things very well. Comment 2: She’s very nice to everyone and tries to make a personal connection with all of us and does a great job of going in depth with all of the content we learn."

  • "[Arwen T.] She is very intelligent in the subject I need tutoring in."
  • "[Sean B.] His greatest strengths are helping me with my math homework and giving me a breakdown of the solution. He doesn’t have any weaknesses.."
  • "[Rachel K.] She provides such great feedback. And she also provides us with visual drawings of content we don’t understand that helps us understand.  . "
  • "[Gracen S.] Very friendly and will back track with me/repeat things."
  • "[Ethan W.] My tutor is very helpful. It is clear he is very intelligent and has a firm understanding of the topic. He is able to explain things at an easy to understand level and explain things in various ways if I don’t understand. My tutor is great! I wish he could tutor all subjects.!"

*Quotes taken from Spring 2024 anonymous tutor evaluation surveys. 


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