Student Handbook

This handbook is designed to be a useful resource as you navigate your way through the various decision points of this program. 

Because of the unique nature of this major, the student has a great deal of power in the creation of their individualized program of study.  With that power, there is increased responsibility.  It is essential that the student understand the various requirements of the program.  The student must consult regularly with the academic advisor for the degree program, as well as the advisors for each of their academic minors.  The student who earns the degree is the student who has taken ownership of the program, assumes the responsibility to make informed, intelligent decisions about their academic plan, and asks what may have seemed at the time to be a “dumb question.” 

Beyond the courses required for the major, minors and general education requirements, this major also places an emphasis on the development and/or enhancement of what is currently referred to as “transferrable skills.”  Effective professionals need to communicate clearly, think critically, look outside the ordinary disciplinary lines, appreciate diversity, and make informed decisions and ethical choices. 

Ultimately, it is the student’s responsibility to make sure that all graduation requirements are met in order to earn their degree.  It is critical that you completely understand the specific requirements for each of your academic minors, as well as how those courses fit into the Professional Studies major program you have created.  Regular consultation with your academic advisor is vitally important to that end.

This student handbook is designed to serve as one of your primary sources of information on all aspects of the program.  Every effort has been made to be current and factual.  Updates will be provided as needed to reflect changes in curriculum and/or academic policy.  When in doubt, students are urged to consult their major and/or minor academic advisor(s) for clarification and guidance.

In the final analysis, your successful completion of your degree requirements is the real measure of the success of the program.  This handbook, as well as other resources available to you from the university, provides you with tools that you can use to assist you in achieving your degree.  Please make good and frequent use of them.

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