Academic Minors, listed by College and Department

College of Business and Public Management

Accounting: minors in Accounting and White Collar Crime. Room 408 Business and Public Management Bldg.

Criminal Justice: minor in Criminal Justice. Room 508 Business and Public Management Bldg.

Economics: minors in Economics and Finance. Room 406 Business and Public Management Bldg.

Geography and Planning: minors in Business Geographic Information Systems and Geography and Planning. Room 505 Business and Public Management Bldg.

Management: minor in Business Law and International Business. Room 404 Business and Public Management Bldg.

College of Education and Social Work

Early and Middle Grades Preparation: minors in Early Childhood Education and

Elementary Education. Room 106B Recitation Hall

Educational Foundations and Policy Studies: minor in Professional Education. Rm 936 Wayne Hall

Literacy: minor in Reading. Rm. 108-B Recitation Hall

Special Education: minor in Autism Education and Special Education. Room 309 Recitation Hall

In addition, the following interdisciplinary minor is offered by the College of Education and Social Work:

Youth Empowerment and Urban Studies. Room 109 Main Hall

College of Health Science

Health: minors in Contemplative Studies, Environmental Health and Health Science.

Room 207 Sturzebecker Health Science Center

Kinesiology: minors in Coaching, Deaf Studies, Exercise Science, and Physical Education for

Individuals with Disabilities. Room 206 Sturzebecker Health Science Center

Nutrition: minor in Nutrition. Room 222 Sturzebecker Health Science Center

College of Visual and Performing Arts

Art and Design: minors in Art History and Studio Art. Rm. 133 E.O. Bull Center

Theatre and Dance: minors in Dance and Theatre Arts: Rm. 119 E.O. Bull Center

School of Music

Applied Music: Jazz Studies and Music Performance. 110 Swope Music Building

Music Theory, History and Composition: minors in Music, Music History and Music Production. Rm. 330 Swope Music Building.

College of Arts and Humanities

Anthropology/Sociology: minors in Anthropology and Sociology. Room 102-A Old Library

Communication Studies: minors in Communication Studies and Media and Culture. Room 512 Main Hall

English: minors in African/African American Literature, Business and Technical Writing,

Creative Writing, Digital Humanities and New Media, Film Criticism, Journalism, Linguistics and Literature. Room 531 Main Hall

Languages and Cultures: minors in Arabic, French, German, Italian, Latin, Russian, and Spanish. Room 224 Mitchell Hall

History: minor in History. Room 702 Wayne Hall

Philosophy: minors in Applied Ethics, Philosophy and Religious Studies. Room 510 Business and Public Management Bldg.

Physics: minor in Physics. Room 127 Merion Science Center

Women’s and Gender Studies: minor in Women’s and Gender Studies. Room 736 Wayne hall

In addition, the following interdisciplinary minors are offered through the College of Arts and Humanities:

American Studies: Room 216 Main Hall

Ethnic Studies: Room 201 Old Library

Holocaust Studies: Room 409 main Hall

Latin American and Latino/a Studies: Room 129 Mitchell Hall

Linguistics: Room 126 Mitchell Hall

Peace and Conflict Studies: Room 103 Main Hall

Russian Studies: Room 114 Main Hall

College of the Sciences and Mathematics

Biology: minors in Biology, 175 Science Complex North

Chemistry: minor in Chemistry, 119 Science Complex South

Computer Science: minors in Computer Science, Information Technology and

Web Technology and Applications. Room 150 25 University Avenue

Geology and Astronomy: minors in Astronomy, Earth Sciences, Geology and Science Education.

Room 221 Merion Science Center

Mathematics: minors in Applied Statistics, Mathematics and Mathematics: Grades Pre-K - 8.

Room 101, 25 University Avenue (UNA)

Political Science: minors in Law, Politics and Society and Political Science. Room 205 Ruby Jones Hall

Psychology: minor in Psychology. Room 505 Wayne Hall

School of Interdisciplinary and Graduate Studies

African American Studies Program: minor in African American Studies: 432 Wayne Hall

Honors College: Civic and Professional Leadership. 703 S. High Street

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