Project Highlights 2020-2021

Natural Lands

Natural Lands Logo

Maria Moressi, Research and Data Collection
December 2021, Accelerated Masters Program in Geography

Natural Lands partnered with Maria Moressi in its goal to provide information about Tacony Park, the community, and its resources to guide park planning efforts to residents and stakeholders untaken by the Tookany/Tacony-Frankford Watershed Partnership and Natural Lands. The project involved the development of a series of comprehensive, visual maps to communicate selected data and features of the park and its community. These maps will be a vital component toward clarifying and emphasizing the critical role of the Tacony Creek Park to the health and well-being of the local community.

West Chester Business Improvement District


Emily Gowman, Graphic Information System Mapping
May 2024, Marketing Major

The West Chester Business Improvement District (BID) partnered with Emily Gowman to identify and analyze business data within the Borough of West Chester. Emily mapped current property vacancies as well as properties for sale or lease in the Borough and worked to identify businesses interested in relocating to the District. Using Aeronautical Reconnaissance Coverage Geographic Information System (ArcGIS) technology, maps were created to fulfill the project objectives outlined by the BID.

Mother Compost

Mother Compost Logo

Benjamin Naroden, Marketing and Social Media
May 2022, Communication Studies and Marketing Major

Mother Compost partnered with Benjamin Naroden to achieve cohesive branding across digital platforms, design content, and conduct social media campaigns. Benjamin contributed to the creation of mission statements and professional bios, pitched stories to the media, wrote social media content, and engaged in public relations activities.


"Working with Mother Compost through CCS provided me with a great opportunity to improve my professional skills, gain more professional experience, and help a business. Additionally, I got to learn a lot about the Main Line, a strong community close to WCU. Overall, CCS built a mutually beneficial connection between myself and a local business."
— Benjamin Naroden, WCU Student, Mother Compost Project

"My objective with working with Kortni through the Center for Community Solutions intern program was to increase brand awareness for my natural skincare company by increasing my social media presence. Kortni has been invaluable in this effort. She has not only managed my social media marketing efforts, she has also taught me about analytics, the best times to post information, and has kept me updated on posting activity. Her efforts have allowed me to focus on formulating, manufacturing, and selling my products. I've enjoyed working with Kortni through this program."
— Diann Pool, Community Partner, Natural Skin Apothecary

"Working with my partner went very smoothly. I enjoyed working at my own pace and sending him updates along the way. I enjoyed being matched with a project that was personal to my interests."
— Dylan Martin, WCU Student, West Chester Fire Department Project

"Being able to provide Grace minimal direction for the project of redevelopment in our Town Center and seeing what she came up with when presenting was great to see, providing a new perspective on ideas and options to the project area. Additionally, it helps that WCU Geography and Planning Department has skilled individuals to undertake a project such as this by researching and using a relatively new tool in ArcGIS Urban, showing its full potential."
— Justin Smiley, Community Partner, West Whiteland Township

Student Highlights 2020-2021

Maria Morresi

Maria Morresi– Major, Geography; Anticipated Graduation, December, 2021, Accelerated Masters Program
Through the CCS, Maria has been working with West Vincent Township and the Natural Lands Trust. In 2019, Maria assisted West Vincent Township in converting historic files onto a digital platform. Stemming from that partnership and work, Maria is currently collaborating with the Natural Lands Trust and Tookany/Tacony Frankford Watershed Partnership, Inc. on map creation for a Tacony Creek Park Philadelphia Master Plan. These maps will be a vital component of the Master Plan toward clarifying and emphasizing the critical role of the Tacony Creek Park to the health and well-being of the local community. Maria has notably demonstrated talent, skills, and education through this valuable community engagement and is grateful for these opportunities and partnerships.

Kristen Loughlin

Through the CCS, Kristen Loughlin worked with St. Maximilian Kolbe School from September 2018 to June 2020. She served as a writing mentor and helped coordinate the student literary magazine, before becoming an aide in the kindergarten classroom. When students transitioned to online learning in March 2020, Kristen created virtual lessons for the students to learn at home, watch one lesson. Kristen's partnership with St. Maximilian Kolbe School has led to additional opportunities, such as substitute teaching in 3rd grade and completing a research study with the kindergarten class for her Honors College Capstone project.

Student, Courtney Bodle

WCU student, Courtney Bodle, Nutrition and Dietetics Major, Dec ‘20

Courtney has a great interest in sharing her enthusiasm in caring for the environment with the West Chester community. She has worked on several projects with the West Chester Green Team which include the following: creating West Chester's First Annual Organic Food Gardens Tour, teaching the community how to flip a lawn into a garden via video footage and experiential workshops, creating Roots N Shoots Kids Gardening Program, sitting on several committees including a Peace/Climate March Committee & a GreenEd Auction Committee. It was through these experiences that Courtney learned how to be an effective community organizer for several types of sustainability-related programs.

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