Offer an Opportunity

Strong Experiential Learning Opportunities for WCU students depend on employers and community partners like you.  


Employment is the condition of paid work, usually in a person’s trade or profession, that is full time or part time for an open-ended period.  

Do you have a full time or part time employment opportunity you’d like to advertise? Visit the Career Development Center.


An internship is an opportunity for a student to gain work experience or satisfy requirements for a degree or certification. These positions should be paid, however, if they are not, they must meet the testing standards provided by the US Department of Labor’s Fair Labor Standards Act

Other frequently used terms or similar experiences include field experience, co-op, clinical experience, practicum, or student teaching. 

Do you have an internship opportunity you’d like to advertise? Visit the Career Development Center.

Meet Phyllis Schoen, Associate Director for Employer Engagement

Volunteer Work

Volunteer work is the contribution of time, effort, and talent to a need, cause, or mission to help others in our community without financial gain.

Are you looking for student volunteers? Visit the Center for Civic Engagement & Social Impact.

Meet Dr. Rita Patel Eng, Director for Civic Engagement and Social Impact

Community Project-Based Experience

A community project-based experience is a temporary or one-time work assignment where students learn and develop skills and knowledge by actively engaging in real-world, meaningful projects. Project-based work assignments are paid per service or task completed. 

Do you have a community project-based opportunity for a student? Complete the Center for Community Solutions Application.

Meet Dr. Julie Dietrich, Executive Director for External Relations


Entrepreneurship is the activity of setting up a business with a new product or service with the hope of making a profit.

Do you have an interest in entrepreneurship? If so, visit The Cottrell Entrepreneurship Center.

Meet Patricia Diggin, Director of the Cottrell Entrepreneurship Center