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What Does Experiential Learning Mean?

Experiential learning (ExL) provides hands-on experiences for college students to intentionally further their knowledge and skills related to their interests while offering organizations the opportunity to discover new talent and impact future success.




ExL Opportunities

ExL opportunities at West Chester University are created in partnership with faculty, staff, and the external community. Here are a few opportunities available:

Internships, clinicals, student teaching, community engagement, education abroad, student clubs & orgs, Ram Plan experiences, research, and entrepreneurship, to name a few.

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Experiential Learning Contributes to:

  • Deeper learning and understanding of materials
  • Enhanced experiences and references to list on your resume
  • Increased professional confidence, enhanced interpersonal skills, and a better appreciation for differences
  • Opportunities for networking, collaboration, and team building
  • Greater civic responsibility, a sense of purpose, and career readiness
  • An opportunity to receive feedback and reflect on changes for the future


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