Membership List

Community Members

Name Area Representing
Lillian DeBaptiste Mayor
Kevin Gore Director, Building and Housing
Officer Adriana Zeiders West Chester Police Department
James Cappello West Chester Restaurant Association
Scott Zukin West Chester Apartment Housing Association/Student Renter
Nick Allen  Public Safety Committee
Nicole Scimone Ward 4
Marty Nebel Ward 2
Jordan Norley At Large
Don Braceland, Co-Chair At Large

University Members

Name Area Representing
Dr. Sara Hinkle Student Affairs
Dr. Rita Patel Eng Civic Engagement and Social Impact
Stephen Hopson Fraternity and Sorority Life
Claire Shutack Student Government Association
Dr. Lexie McCarthy  Off Campus and Commuter Services 
Brenna McGowan Commuter Assistant
Sgt. James Audette Public Safety
Dr.  Tammy Hilliard-Thompson Student Conduct
Jayme Trogus Wellness Promotion
Dr. Julie Dietrich, Co-Chair External Relations
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