History and Timeline

  • 1986: Town Gown Committee begins with monthly meetings
  • 2005: WCU Health Center Program Review
    • Focus on alcohol poisoning prevention initiatives
    • Recommended formation of a campus Alcohol, Tobacco, and Other Drug work group with central coordinator
  • 2006-08: West Chester Borough Council forms University Neighborhood Task Force
    • Task Force #1 recommendation: Form a high-level campus community coalition to reduce alcohol-related incidents in the borough
  • 2008: WCU and Borough Council form Borough & University Officials Group (BUOG) to address all overarching town gown issues
  • 2009: BUOG forms Community Campus Coalition (CCC)
    • To reduce alcohol-related incidents in the borough
    • Meet monthly
    • Develop “spokes” to involve additional community constituents
  • 2011 (May): WC Borough holds Community Conversation at WCU
  • 2011 (September): BUOG suggest CCC public forum each semester and retires Town Gown Committee
  • 2011 (November): Public Forum CCC Held
  • 2017: Dianne Herrin elected as Mayor of West Chester Borough; strategic planning conducted with CCC and new strategic priorities are established:
    • Community Safety
    • Public Relations
    • Productive Partnerships
    • Innovation
  • 2019 (April): Community Engagement Meeting held at WCU
  • 2020: CCC pauses during COVID-19 pandemic
  • 2021: Resolution passes by West Chester Borough Council to formally establish the West Chester Community Campus Committee.
    • Mission expands beyond a focus on alcohol use to encompass all issues that impact health, safety, and quality of life for community members.
logo: Borough of West Chseter, Chester County, Pennsylvania, established 1799
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