Augmented and Virtual Reality

As augmented and virtual reality (AR and VR) technologies have progressed, we have been excited to explore its applications and potential in instructional settings. The integration of virtual reality into higher education settings brings forth a range of opportunities for immersive and engaging learning experiences.

We have partnered with faculty members to assist with the production and facilitation of AR and VR learning activities. If you are interested in exploring ways that augmented and virtual reality can be applied to your instruction in your subject matter, please contact your assigned instructional designer or email the Teaching & Learning Center at

Class Set of VR Headsets

The Teaching and Learning Center has procured a class set of 20 Meta Quest 2 VR headsets that may be loaned to faculty member who would like to facilitate in-class Virtual Reality scenarios or activities. If you are interested in borrowing headsets, reach out to Jessica Drass at

An image of a Meta Quest 2 VR headset.