VoiceThread is an online tool that can be used for facilitating discussions or creating presentations. Users are able to upload PowerPoint slides, images, videos, and other files to a VoiceThread which they can then add audio/video narration or text comments to. Other users may be asked simply to view a VoiceThread presentation, comment on a slide, or add their own slide to a VoiceThread. To learn more about VoiceThread and see the tool in action, take a look at this VoiceThread Overview Video available on VoiceThread's Vimeo Channel.

Request a VoiceThread License

VoiceThread licenses are maintained by the Teaching and Learning Center. If you are interested in using this tool, contact Jessica Drass at jdrass@wcupa.edu.

D2L Integration

VoiceThread can be integrated in D2L, allowing faculty to easily create VoiceThread Activities and Assignments that connect right to the gradebook. If you would like to add the VoiceThread Integration to one of your D2L courses, please submit a request through the VoiceThread: Request for D2L Integration Qualtrics Form at least two weeks before your desired start date.


  • How to Log In: This is a knowledgebase article available through ServiceNow explaining how to sign into VoiceThread once you have a license assigned to you.
  • VoiceThread How-To Guides: This is a link to VoiceThread's catalog of how-to guides, which provide step-by-step instructions for completing various tasks in VoiceThread.