Financial Assistance

Some graduate assistantships are usually available in the Department. Stipends and tuition waivers are offered for full-time (20 hrs/wk obligation) appointments and stipends and partial tuition waivers are offered for half-time (10hrs/wk obligation) appointments. Graduate Assistants must schedule for the appropriate number of graduate credits (9-15 full-time; 6 credits half-time) throughout the semester, and are not permitted to withdraw from graduate course work after the semester begins, without the approval of the Dean of Graduate Studies and Research and Sponsored Programs. Graduate Assistants must maintain a 3.0 cumulative grade point average per semester.

Psychology graduate students also obtain employment and assistantships in other areas of the University. The Office of Research and Development, Office of Institutional Research, Academic Development Program, Frederick Douglass Institute, and Residence Life have all supported Psychology graduate students in the recent past. West Chester participates in the National Defense Education Act of 1958 under which long-term loans may be obtained at a low interest rate. The University also participates in the PA State Grant which provides for student loans for Pennsylvania residents through participating banks. Students who wish to apply for either of these loans may obtain application forms and additional information on financial assistance click here for Financial Aid.


Employer Reimbursement Plan

This plan allows participants to defer their tuition payments until the completion of the semester, with no finance or interest charges.  West Chester University's Employer Reimbursement Plan is designed for students whose employers offer reimbursement for tuition charges, upon completion of the semester.   Graduate Employer Reimbursement Plan


Research Funds

Funds for travel to professional conferences are available through the Graduate Student Association (GSA). For information, call 610-436-6987. Funds for research expenses are available through The Graduate School for information, call 610-436-2943.