Post Baccalaureate Information

The Post Baccalaureate Program at WCU is designed for the career changer student. It will provide students the chance to complete courses designed to prepare students for health professional school. The courses that have been chosen for this program will help students prepare for the different entrance exam, complete pre-requisite courses, and prepare for the rigorous schedule of health professional school programs.

Application Requirements

There is currently one pathway for students to complete pre-requisite courses for the professional school of their choice at WCU. This option comes with support of the Pre-Med Program and access to additional opportunities exclusive to WCU's Pre-Medical Program.

Post-baccalaureate Certificate

Participation in this certificate program will classify you as an upper classmen undergraduate student. You will receive earlier registration and be eligible to apply for federal financial aid, though you are not eligible for pell grants. Additionally, you will earn a post-baccalaureate certificate upon completion and you will pay undergraduate tuition rates and fees instead of the higher graduate tuition rates. Applications for this program must be submitted through the West Chester University Graduate School.

  • Post Baccalaureate Pre-Medical Program Requirements:

    • Minimum 3.0 GPA in your college course work (submit all undergraduate transcripts)
    • Your undergraduate degree is in a non-science major (preferably)
    • Submit 2 letters of recommendations (preferably from a faculty member and a medical professional)  The letters should speak of your academic abilities and reason for pursuing a post-bac degree
    • You have not taken all the required science courses 
    • Apply through WCU admissions at
Feel free to contact the Director, Dr. Teresa Donze-Reiner to schedule an appointment to discuss these options and plan the next step in your career path.

Application Deadline

While there is no deadline to apply to the program, but in order to schedule classes you should plan to apply by the following dates:

  • To begin classes in the spring semester, you should submit all materials prior to September 15th
  • To begin classes in the summer or fall semesters, you should submit all materials prior to January 15th

Applying after these dates will not affect acceptance, but may affect your ability to gain entrance into the required classes that first semester.



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