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Professor Jeremy Brazas


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Professor Jeremy Brazas

Current Courses: Fall 2018

  • MAT 535 Topology (Graduate)
  • MAT 441 Real Analysis I
  • MAT 113 College Algebra

Previous Courses Taught

Summer 2018

  • MAT 532 Geometry II (Graduate)

Spring 2018

  • MAT 331 Foundations of Geometry
  • MAT 131 Precalculus

Fall 2018

  • MAT 531 Geometry I (Graduate)
  • MAT 131 Precalculus

2018 Category Theory Seminar

In Spring 2018, I organized a weekly graduate student seminar on Category Theory. Talks were given by myself and graduate students.  We used several references but mostly followed Leinster's Basic Category Theory Text.

Teaching Philsophy

A while back I wrote up a few thoughts on teaching mathematics. You can find it as a pdf here.


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