Dr. Greg Turner's Publications


Representative Publications

  • DiPhillippo, J., Shrader, V., and Turner, G.D. 2017. Alliaria petiolata reduces ectomycorrhizal colonization and richness on Quercus rubra trees and seedlings. Journal of the Pennsylvania Academy of Science 91(1): 55-63.

  • Turner, G.D., and M. Demkó. 2014. Ectomycorrhizal fungi and fine roots from Pinus virginiana hosts differ from two soil sources at the Grassy Hill Natural Area, Franklin County, Virginia. Banisteria 43: 21-28.

  • Turner, G.D. 2013. Comparisons of mycorrhizal properties from two host tree species. 10 November 2013, posting date. Teaching Issues and Experiments in Ecology 9: Experiment #3 [online].

  • Pool, R., Turner, G.D., and S.A. Böttger. 2013. Recommended ecology content in introductory biology courses: comparisons between rural, suburban, and urban colleges. American Biology Teacher 75(8): 544-549.

  • Stern, R., Turner, G.D., and G.D. Hertel. 2013. The status of white oak (Quercus alba) trees at the Gordon Natural Area, Chester County, Pennsylvania. Journal of the Pennsylvania Academy of Science87(1): 1-4.

  • Turner, G.D. 2011. Distributions and abundances of Microstegium vimineum along forest roadsides at the Grassy Hill Natural Area, Franklin County, Virginia. Virginia Journal of Science 62: 149-155.

  • Turner, G.D., Lewis, J.D., Mates-Muchin, J.T., Schuster, W.F., and L. Watt. 2009. Light availability differentially influences ectomycorrhizal fungal communities on oak seedlings grown in oak- and hemlock-associated soils. Canadian Journal of Forest Research 39: 1247-1258. pdf

  • Lewis, J.D., LiCitra, J., Tuininga, A.R., Sirulnik, A., Turner, G.D., and J. Johnson. 2008. Oak seedling growth and ectomycorrhizal colonization in adjacent oak stands and declining eastern hemlock stands infested with the hemlock woolly adelgid. Tree Physiology 28: 629-636. pdf

  • Turner, G.D., and M. Demkó. 2007. Exotic plant distributions along disturbance corridors at the Grassy Hill Natural Area, Franklin County, Virginia. Banisteria 30: 19-26.

  • Turner, G.D., Van Meter, R., and G.D. Hertel. 2007. Species composition and structure of the Gordon Natural Area, an urban forest in southeast Pennsylvania. Journal of the Pennsylvania Academy of Science81(1): 8-13.

  • Turner, G.D. 2006. Overcoming resource constraints for biological inquiry: scenarios and adaptations. Best Products for Teacher Preparation in Mathematics and Science: CETP-PA Monograph II: 119-122.

  • Lansana-Margai, F.M., and G.D. Turner. 1997. Group Differentiated Perceptions and Support for Wetlands Protection and Restoration Policies. Research in Contemporary and Applied Geography: A Discussion Series21(4): 1-24.

  • Turner, G.D., Lau, R.L., and D.R. Young. 1988. The effects of acidity on germination and seedling growth of Paulownia tomentosa. Journal of Applied Ecology 25 (2): 561-568.


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