Thematic Tour and Lecture Series

video:Michael Di Giovine Tour

Making WCU’s 150th Exhibition and Special Collections Tour

Museum Director Michael A. Di Giovine and Special Collections Librarian Ron McColl provide an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at some of the most significant artifacts from our long history.

Video: Music Program Tour

A Look at WCU’s Historic Music Program

Museum Director Michael A. Di Giovine and student co-curator Kat Godfrey examine rich artifacts from WCU’s musical history, and Wells School of Music Dean Christopher Hanning joins Holiday Program Director Ryan Kelly in Asplundh Hall for a close-up-look at the university’s historic Skinner Organ—complete with a demonstration!

Video: Athletics Program Tour

A Conversation with Director of Athletics, Terry Beattie

Student co-curators, Aaron Stoyack and Sadie Patterson, give an in-depth tour of the history of sports at our institution to WCU’s Director of Athletics, Terry Beattie. Then, in his conversation with anthropologist and Museum Director, Michael Di Giovine, Beattie talks about the past, present and future of WCU Athletics and how success in the classroom and in the community fuels success in competition. 

The History of Architectural Styles at WCU

The History of Architectural Styles at WCU

Museum Director, Michael A. Di Giovine and student co-curator Aaron Stoyack explore our collection of architectural artifacts, followed by an engaging “stroll” through 150 years of our ever-changing campus with Anne Krulikowski, Associate Professor of History and author of the sesquicentennial history, We Serve: West Chester University, 1871-2021.

History of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion with Larry Dowdy

History of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion with Larry Dowdy

Lawrence A. Dowdy, former Executive Deputy to the President; student co-curator Aaron Stoyack; and Museum Director Michael A. Di Giovine hold an engaging discussion on race at WCU, and how WCU righted historical injustices. Highlighting artifacts and stories of African American alumni ,Dowdy explains that, in spite of being denied on-campus housing, dining room privileges and other opportunities during the early and mid-20th century, African American alumni were triumphant. He attributes their success to their high-quality campus education and the bonds formed with their classmates.

Video: WCU's History in Innovation and Education of Wellness Professionals

WCU's History in Innovation and Education of Wellness Professionals

Museum Director Michael A. Di Giovine and student co-curator Aaron Stoyack highlight some of the prized artifacts and important milestones that speak to the development of the College of Health Sciences past and present, as Scott Heinerichs, Dean of the College of Health Sciences, provides an exclusive behind-the-scenes tour of the university’s state-of-the-art Immersive Learning Center in the new Sciences & Engineering Center and The Commons (SECC), showcasing the cutting-edge learning environments we provide our students to ensure they are prepared to be successful in their future careers.

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The LGBTQIA+ Experience

Jacqueline Hodes, Professor and Coordinator of Higher Education Policy & Student Affairs Graduate Program; Meg Panichelli, Assistant Professor of Undergraduate Social Work and WCU alumna; museum director Michael A. Di Giovine and student co-curator Julia explore the struggles and affirming experiences of the LGBTQIA+ community and advocates at WCU. Special alumni guests Starla Gable and Spencer Pyle also share their memories.

video:Charter day Tour

History of Charter Day and Philanthropy at WCU

In celebration of the anniversary of the West Chester Normal School Charter, John Villella, Vice President for University Affairs; Christopher Mominey, CEO of the WCU Foundation; and Joe Kienle, former President of the WCU Alumni Association engage in a lively tour and discussion with Museum Director Michael A. Di Giovine and student co-curator Aaron Stoyack on the many ways in which philanthropy has positively impacted our development, focusing on the university’s strategies to meet the needs of students, the University, West Chester community, and the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

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Women's and Gender Studies: The Development of a Nationally Recognized Program

Lisa Huebner, Professor of Women's & Gender Studies and Past Chair of the President's Commission on the Status of Women; Tess Benser (they/them), Assistant Director of Outreach & Engagement, Center for Women & Gender Equity; and Joan Woolfrey, Professor of Philosophy and current chair of Women's & Gender Studies join museum director Michael Di Giovine and student co-curator Julia Zahm for an engaging tour and discussion of WCU's longstanding Women's and Gender Studies program, and the transformations at WCU and society as a whole that made its success possible.

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West Chester Student Experience: History of Student Life at WCU

Charlie Warner, retired student life director of 30 years; Cara Jenkins, current Director of Fraternity & Sorority Life; and Barrett McGee, Associate Director of Student Activities join Museum Director Michael A. Di Giovine and student co-curator Chelsey Moore for an engaging conversation exploring the history of student life on campus—tracing its evolution from literary societies, special interest clubs and dances to a total "co-curricular" approach as a key tool in personal development. Special guest Rodolfo "Rudy" Tellez tells us about the origins of Banana Day, one of the most unique and stand-out traditions on campus.

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Lofty Sentiments of Duty: A History of Military Service at WCU

History Department chair Robert J. Kodosky, student co-curator Chelsey Moore, and Museum Director Michael A. Di Giovine provide a tour of the WCU 150 exhibition, focusing on our community’s engagement in the military and our initiatives to serve our veterans upon their return. Dr. Kodosky brings these experiences to life by recounting the stories of those who came to exemplify the Legacy of Camp Wayne at West Chester University, a “Campus of Instruction” strong in the tradition of military service, and valuable memories are shared by decorated alumni.

Sculpture Video Thumbnail

A Virtual Walking Tour of the University’s Sculpture Collection

Professor Emeritus of Art and WCU Foundation Director John Baker and Museum Director Michael A. Di Giovine explore some of the prominent – and lesser-known – public art that make West Chester University the idyllic and livable campus it is today, and student co-curators Aaron Stoyack and Maddy Maychak provide an overview of the rich diversity of arts that have made the university unique over time. They are joined by sculptors Rhoda Kahler and Richard Blake, who provide first-hand insights about their works highlighted on the walk and in the WCU 150 exhibition.

Sustainability Video Thumbnail

Creating an Environmentally, Economically and Socially Sustainable WCU

Bradley Flamm, Director of WCU’s Office of Sustainability; Museum Director Michael A. Di Giovine; and student curator and Sustainability Leadership Award Winner Alden Ritchey tour the Museum of Anthropology and Archaeology’s exhibition, Earth Day at 50: Lessons for a Sustainable Future as they discuss the commitments WCU has made to energy efficiency, carbon neutrality, zero waste practices, and preparing our students and employees to advocate for sustainability on campus and beyond. Then, Energy Projects Manager John Lattanze gives a special behind-the-scenes tour of WCU’s Geo-Exchange Pumphouse with student curator Aaron Stoyack.

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