Faces of the Berlin Wall: Divided Lives and Legacies Thirty Years after the Fall


April 26, 2019 – February 1, 2020

Marking the thirtieth anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall, the Museum of Anthropology and Archaeology's exhibit explored the divided lives and legacy of the iconic wall.

Featuring artifacts from both East and West Berlin— including everyday objects, toys, military materials and Stasi records, tourist souvenirs, a scale model of the Berlin Wall and authentic pieces of the wall— the exhibition showed that the Berlin Wall was not just a concrete construction, but a culmination of lived experiences that has had a significant cultural impact on Germans and the global community, and continues to be relevant thirty years later. With historical artifacts, the exhibition traced the history of the wall, explained its engineering, examined the lived experiences of East and West Berliners, and exhibied the many “afterlives” that the wall – and its image – has taken thirty years after it was dismantled.

Curator: Dr. Michael DiGiovine

Faculty Content Advisors:

Dr. Marwan Kreidie (political science); Dr. Frauke Schnell (political science); Dr. Peter Loedel (political science); Dr. Brenda Gaydosh (history); Dr. Jordan Schugar (English literacy); Dr. David Bolton (education); Dr. John Leveille (sociology); Karen Watkins (Art+Design); Tom Haughey (theater design)

Guest Consultant: Dr. Rossitza Ohridska-Olson (Rosie Olson) from Sofia, Bulgaria.

Faces of the Berlin Wall. Divided lives and legacies thirty years after the fall.
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