Information Page

This page is to provide information, guidelines, and training to those in our community who are responsible for the building and maintaining the schedule of classes. Please understand that this website is in its infancy and we will be adding helpful documentation as we transition from building courses in myWCU to Courseleaf CLSS.

Summer 2024

  • Built in myWCU
    • Summer 23 was rolled to Summer 2024
    • Utilize existing framework
      • Three Summer terms
      • Current Instruction Modes
      • Etc… 


Scheduling Activity Date
Available for Dept Edits  10/5/2023
Last Day to Submit Pre-Assignments 12/5/2023
Last Day for Dept. Edits 12/12/2023
Last Day for Dean Edits 1/5/2024*
Rooming Begins  1/8/2024

* Hard deadline due to CollegeNet Integration

Fall 2024

  • Built in CLSS> Integrated to Banner
    • Will NOT be able to roll Fall 23 to Fall 24
      • Will start with a clean slate for 24/25 Academic Year:
        • Fall 2024
        • Winter 24/25
        • Spring 2025
        • Summer 2025 


Scheduling Activity: Estimated Date:
Available for Dept Edits  10/23/2023
Last Day for Dept Edits  1/10/2024
Assign Your Dept. Overseen Rooms 1/10/2024
Last Day for Dean Edits 1/19/2024
Rooming Process Begins  1/23/2024*

*Need to re-implement CollegeNet integration before Fall rooming