The Sanfoka bird means to "return, fetch, and move forward." This embodies the charge of the MFC, which is to take responsibly the lessons from the past, apply and utilize the lessons today, and strategize a viable vision for tomorrow.

Peace and Progress

The Multicultural Faculty Commission (MFC) consists of faculty, administrators, and staff. Our hope is that our presence on the web will enable us to fulfill the recommendations made at annual retreats by multicultural and the transformations outlined in the Plan for Excellence and WCU Mission and Values Statements.

Brief History

The genesis of the MFC starts in April 2004. This was the first time in recent decades that multicultural faculty decided that it was important to converge formally and discuss issues of visibility, inclusion, tenure, promotion, professional development, and the transformation of the strategic Plan of Excellence. At the 2004 retreat, the group unanimously agreed that each year they would converge. At both the 2004 and 2006 annual retreats, there was a suggestion to form an all-year commission to measure the implementation of the recommendations that multicultural faculty made to the administration and the larger WCU campus. In June 2006, the MFC, with the full support of its members and the WCU administration, became an active, viable force on campus.

Active Charges of MFC

  • To produce tangible and measurable results that eradicate barriers that support structural inequalities based on race or ethnicity ;

  • To support and encourage existing and new forms of inclusion and representation ;

  • To establish a quantitative plan of action, replete with goals and outcomes for each academic year. With this charge, the MFC serves as an advisory board to the administration in issues concerning multicultural faculty.

  • To scrutinize and detail concerns and issues that hinder the teacher-scholar model, a global perspective and the critical analytical skills among students, and the Plan of Excellence . With this charge, the MFC serves as a monitoring board for multicultural faculty to the administration.

  • To work actively in nurturing an open, honest, and meaningful
    among the administration and the campus community; and

  • To serve as an informal recruiting board and consultants on multicultural issues . In this capacity, the MFC will dutifully work to identify and familiarize the administration and fellow faculty members about the skill set of multicultural faculty, as well as alert multicultural faculty about the leadership opportunities available on campus.

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