Faculty and staff frequently rely on cloud based/external tools and application add-on software outside of D2L to support teaching and learning in their courses or organization sites. Those tools are usually developed by third-party vendors using the Learning Tools Interoperability (LTI) standard. LTI is a standard protocol for delivering data between the LMS and the external software tool. This data might include credentials, grades, names, and other educational data protected by federal law. They are considered “external” applications because they are are not part of the software included in our agreement with the LMS vendor, and are not owned by WCU. In many cases it is possible to integrate these tools into D2L, Zoom, O365 and/or Google.

Review Process

As a higher educational institution, WCU must comply with corresponding federal laws and regulations and be responsible for any third parties that create or manage education records on WCU’s behalf. The Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) establishes requirements for protecting students’ education records; and The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) establishes requirements for the accessibility of WCU’s resources.

In order to protect our students, our faculty, and our institution, to ensure the integrity of the learning management system and compliance with federal regulations, WCU performs a standard review of all third party and cloud based tools prior to integration. The approval process includes a review of technical compatibility, accessibility, security, and the vendor's terms and conditions.

The time to complete an integration depends on the technical complexity of the task and vendor compliance. Once approved, it can then be integrated with D2L, Zoom, O365 and/or Google. The ideal lead time preferred is 14 weeks. All integrations are subject to review by the LMS Advisory Committee, Procurement/University Legal Counsel (due to review of terms and conditions), and approval by the CIO.

Make a Request

Be prepared to provide key details about the tool including the tool name, vendor, URL, cost and funding model, usage information, and what the tools does, how it works, and what the impact of the tool is on student engagement. Files may be uploaded to the request. Once submitted, each request will be reviewed. If additional information is required, you will be contacted with instructions.

In the section labeled "Describe IS&T's and/or Enterprise Application's responsibilities in support or integration of this software:" please indicate that you are requesting an integration with D2L, Zoom, O365, and/or Google.

D2L Integration Status and Contacts

Tool Vendor Access Status LTI Version Completion Date Contact
ALEKS McGraw-Hill Inclusive Access Integrated LTI 1.3 Aug 2021

Alexander Street Alexander Street Press University Integrated Legacy Mar 2021

Anthology Portfolio Anthology Limited Integrated Legacy Jan 2023

Apporto Apporto University Integrated LTI 1.3 May 2023

Ares Course Reserves Ares University Integrated Legacy Updated Aug 2022

Blue Explorance University Integrated LTI 1.3 Fall 2023


Cambridge myBusiness Course Cambridge Business Publishers Limited Integrated LTI 1.3 Oct 2021

Cengage Cengage Inclusive Access Integrated Legacy

Crowdmark Crowdmark Limited Integrated LTI 1.3 May 2023

DawnSignDigital DawnSignPress College of Arts and Humanities Integrated LTI 1.3 Feb 2022

Docuseek Docuseek University Integrated LTI 1.3 Jan 2022

Evolve Elsevier Limited Integrated Legacy May 2022

ExamSoft ExamSoft (Turnitin) Limited Integrated Legacy Sept 2021

Films On Demand Infobase University Integrated Legacy

FlatWorld FlatWorld University Integrated LTI 1.3 April 2024

H5P H5P Limited Integrated LTI 1.3 Jun 2020

iClicker Macmillan Learning Inclusive Access Integrated Legacy Aug 2023

LinkedIn Learning LinkedIn University Integrated LTI 1.3 Jul 2023

Macmillan Macmillan Learning Inclusive Access Under Review Legacy

McGraw Hill Connect McGraw Hill Inclusive Access Integrated Legacy

McGraw Hill GO McGraw Hill Inclusive Access Integrated LTI 1.3 Jun 2023

Mobius DigitalEd Limited Integrated LTI 1.3 Aug 2022

OneNote Class Notebook Microsoft University Integrated Legacy Aug 2021

Padlet Padlet Limited - Pilot Integrated LTI 1.3 October 2023

Panopto Panopto University Integrated Legacy Dec 2021

Pearson Pearson Education Inclusive Access Integrated Legacy

Poll Everywhere Poll Everywhere University Integrated LTI 1.3

ReadSpeaker ReadSpeaker University Integrated Not Applicable Built-in 3.7 Updated Jan 2023

Remark Gravic Limited Integrated Not Applicable February 2024

SAGE Vantage SAGE Publishing Inclusive Access Integrated LTI 1.3

Secure Exam Proctor Proctorio Limited Integrated Legacy Mar 2020

Tevera Tevera TBD In Progress LTI 1.3 Fall 2024


TK20 Watermark University Integrated Legacy  


Turnitin Turnitin University Integrated Legacy University In Progress LTI 1.3 April 2024

VHL Central Vista Higher Learning Dept of Languages and Cultures Integrated LTI 1.3 Feb 2022

VitalSource VitalSource Inclusive Access Integrated Legacy

VoiceThread VoiceThread Limited Integrated LTI 1.3 Mar 2022

WileyPLUS Wiley Inclusive Access Integrated Legacy Aug 2021

W. W. Norton W. W. Norton Inclusive Access Integrated LTI 1.3 July 2023

Zoom Zoom University Integrated Legacy Dec 2020

IMS standards connect your digital ecosystem

LTI Versions

Alignment with the latest LTI version (currently 1.3) enables a fully integrated and innovative digital ecosystem that aligns with industry-best security. These standards, supported by 1EdTech, implement features that support teaching and learning activities through D2L. Learn more.

Vendors of implementations are working to transition their integrations to LTI 1.3, and as those updated integrations become available, the LMS team is evaluating and scheduling updates to the tool integrations represented in the table above. 

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