D2L provides faculty with a robust set of course management and creation options. As D2L Services staff seeks to provide you with optimum service and timely responses, we ask that university faculty and staff use the following forms to request your D2L course-related needs. Please allow at least 48 business hours to process your request.

Course Combine Request Form

Critical Information - Please Read!

Does content currently exist in any of the course sections that you want to save?
WARNING: Content can be preserved in ONE section only! We do not recommend combining courses if students have already submitted work within a course. All student work such as quizzes, submissions, and discussion posts will be lost when the courses are combined.

Are you the assigned faculty?
You should only request the combination for sites in which you are the assigned faculty. Additionally, faculty must notify D2L each subsequent semester they wish to have the course combined. D2L Services will not automatically renew this request.

You should only consider combining a course if:

    • You teach multiple sections of the same course
    • A course is cross-listed and has two different course numbers
    • You are co-teaching a course with another faculty member

 Submit Your Request

Course Combines begin 4 weeks prior to each semester. Please note that we do not accept course combine requests after the first week of the semester.

Please use the Course Combine Request Form to complete your course combine request. Combines are completed in the order they are received.

Development Course Request Form

A Development Course allows you to request that a D2L course shell be created prior to the beginning of the semester. Official course shells for the upcoming semester become available to faculty members a minimum of four weeks prior to the course start date. The Development Course Request Form should be used if a faculty member desires to begin developing his or her course prior to this four week window.

Organization Request Form

The Organizational Request Form should be used to request an organization type site in D2L. Organization sites are course shells created specifically for department, student organizations, student assessments, faculty organization and/or special committee use.


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