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Welcome to iNOV8!

The goal of iNOV8 is to advance educational entrepreneurialism, foster critical thinking with emerging technologies, and build a greater understanding of the economic, career, and social value of technological innovations for the community at West Chester University. You do not need expertise in the above areas of study to be a part of this working group. We welcome all members of the WCU community -- students, staff, faculty, and administrators -- to stop in the Hub (the makerspace and meeting room) to share knowledge and ideas, create using the available technologies, and collaborate with others.

Our meeting hub is located on the first floor of the library in FHG-128. iNOV8 meeting times and dates vary each week, so we encourage you to join our email list to receive updates.

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  • iNOV8 projects
  • iNOV8 projects

Current Projects

  • Development of ClasSEE, an assessment app that utilizes wearable technologies
  • Research with eTexts and their application in classrooms
  • Exploration of augmented and virtual reality with HTC Vive and Microsoft Hololens
  • Leadership through professional development opportunities with educational technologies
  • Research in active and creative learning spaces
  • Development of games and gaming applications
  • Facilitation a campus-wide adoption of ePortfolios in first-year writing courses
  • Exploration of computer coding as a literacy