Michael Holik, Ed.d., Ms.Ed.


My teaching philosophy starts by always remembering what it felt like to sit where my students are sitting today. I constantly work on creating an environment that celebrates inclusion, where students can feel safe to learn without judgment. Being able to connect classroom theory with the reality of the workplace is an invaluable component of my instruction. Since theory exits, there must be a reason for it, and when it does not match reality, I challenge my students to think critically to discover meaning and understanding to find solutions for problems. I believe in teaching the basic foundational skills. Conceptual, teaching the value of decision-making in problematic situation, technical, teaching physical execution of job duties, and interpersonal, teaching students the value of self-awareness, social-emotional intelligence and their relationship to approachability and relatability when dealing with others. I believe in casting the shadow of leadership I want to walk in myself. 


Year Degree School/University Location
2016 Doctorate in Education Leadership Lindenwood University St. Charles, MO
2009 Master of Science in Technology Education University of Central Missouri Warrensburg, MO
2006 Bachelor of Science in Hospitality Restaurant Administration Missouri State University Springfield, MO
2001 Associate of Applied Science in Hospitality Management Ozarks Technical Community College Springfield, MO


Course Number Course Name
NTD 410 Quantity Food Production
NTD 416 Foodservice Management
NTD 425 Entrepreneurial Nutrition Management
FYE 100 First-Year Experience


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Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics - DPG: Food & Culinary Professionals (FCP), DPG: Management in Food & Nutrition Systems (MFNS), and GRP: Nutrition & Dietetic Educators and Preceptors (NDEP).

Association for Curriculum and Supervision Development