Kimberly Johnson, Ph.d., RDN


My teaching and research go hand-in-hand. I bring elements of my research into my teaching, and draw on interested students to help with my research. I am dedicated to practicing inclusive teaching. In addition to co-facilitating and leading a faculty learning community to promote this, I engage in study to constantly reflect on my practices and understandings of inclusivity. My teaching in sustainable food systems also targets promoting inclusivity and equity. Courses that I teach increase student understanding of the social determinants of health and equity in nutrition and healthcare. I am passionate about helping students learn more about this, and to use what they learn to be successful healthcare practitioners, professionals and members of thriving communities.


Year Degree School/University Location
2014 Doctor of Social Sciences Focus: Food Policy and Social Science Nutrition Syracuse University Syracuse, NY
2010 Fellowship of Summer Internship in Bioethics Yale University New Haven, NY
2008 Master of Science in Child Development Syracuse University Syracuse, NY
2001 Dietetic Internship Syracuse University Syracuse, NY 
2000 Bachelor of Science in Nutrition Sciences Cornell University Ithaca, NY


Course Number Course Name
NTD 200 Nutrition and Culture
NTD 304 Global Nutrition
NTD 325 The Food Chain
NTD 415 Community Nutrition
NTD 601 Nutrition and Health in Aging
NTD 612 Nutrition and Human Behavior


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Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics (2000-present): PADA; Member Hunger and Environmental Nutrition DPD; Nutrition and Dietetic Educators
Society for Agriculture, Food, and Human Values
American Public Health Association: Food and Nutrition Section
American Anthropology Association: section membership- Society for the Anthropology of Food and Nutrition, Anthropology of Policy
American Political Science Association: section membership- Health Policy and Law, Political Economy
American Sociology Association: section membership: Political Sociology, Collective Behavior and Social Movements, Science Technology and Society

Curriculum Vitae