Janet M. Lacey, DrPH, RDN, LDN


The field of nutrition and dietetics lends itself easily to sharing relatable stories and experiences that are so fundamental to meaningful, memorable information retention.  My teaching approach is to assist students in mastering key concepts and principles through active learning exercises, case studies, and group work.  I try to inspire a sense of enthusiasm and wonder toward the science of nutrition and broader applications to mental and spiritual well-being.  My goal is to establish a warm, welcoming atmosphere that invites openmindedness and critical thinking, while challenging students to meet their highest potential.


Year Degree School/University Location

Master of Education in Counseling and School Psychology

University of Massachusetts Boston, MA
1988 Doctorate in Public Health University of North Carolina Chapel Hill, NC
1984 Master of Science in Food Science and Nutrition University of Massachusetts Amherst, MA 
1982 Bachelor of Science, Interdisciplinary Program: Nutrition and Russian Simmons (College) University Boston, MA


Course Number Course Name
NTD 303 Introductory Principles of Human Nutrition
NTD 305 Plant-based (Vegetarian) Nutrition
NTD 315 Food-Mind-Spirit
NTD 381 Micronutrients
NTD 408 Food Science
NTD 411 Advanced Nutrition I - Macronutrients
NTD 420 Perspectives on Obesity
NTD 435 Undergraduate Independent Study
NTD 502 Plant-based (Vegetarian) Nutrition and Cuisine
NTD 503 Human Nutrition
HEA 609 Graduate Independent Study
HEA 650 Graduate Applied Learning Experience


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American Society of Nutrition
Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics - Behavioral Health Dietetic Practice Group, Dietitians in Integrative and Functional Medicine Dietetic Practice Group
Pennsylvania Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics