HEAT Institute Mission

The newly created HEAT (Heat Illness Evaluation Avoidance and Treatment) Institute, housed at West Chester University, supports nationally recognized independent research on heat illness prevention, evaluation, analysis and treatment. 

Providing Athletes with Independent and Unbiased Information about Thermoregulation and Fluid and Electrolyte Balance 

The HEAT Institute is dedicated to conducting independent research related to the evaluation, avoidance and treatment of heat-related illness in athletes. We are committed to raising funds from sources not associated with a corporation that could benefit from this on-going research. The HEAT Institute is interested in collaborating with individuals and private foundations seeking to support and promote independent and unbiased research on thermoregulation and body fluid balance in athletes at risk for heat illness.

Our research is published in peer-reviewed journals such as the American Journal of Sports Medicine, British Journal of Sports Medicine, Journal of Athletic Training and Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise. Our numerous studies involve athletes who routinely practice and play in environmentally stressful conditions and include investigations into the following:

  • core temperature responses
  • sweat rates and fluid turnover
  • sweat sodium losses
  • hypovolemic hyponatremia
  • fluid and electrolyte replacement
  • mechanisms implicated in exercise-associated muscle cramping
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